Nick has always been curious. He likes to know how and why things happen. I am always explaining things. How trees grow. Why we can run into the street. How the dishwasher works. How his bubble machine works and why it doesn’t on a windy day. 

He likes to take things apart to figure them out. And try to put things back together. Lego and playdoh are two of his favourite things to manipulate.

But today. Today he threw me for a loop.

He went into the washroom by himself. Like he usually does. He was in there awhile but he normally is when he poops so I didn’t think anything of it. 

I heard the toilet flush once. And then again. I still didn’t think anything of it. He has a habit of flushes before he wipes and then again after. 

But then I heard the toilet flush again. And again. What the….. So I went in. 

When I walking into the bathroom I found Nick with his arm as far into the toilet as he could get it. So I inquired as to what, exactly, he was up to. 

He explained ‘tryin to flush Nick. See where water goes.’ 

Oh. Well. If that’s all….

Needless to say he needed to wash his hands and arms. And then he and I sat and talked about why we cannot flush anything except pee poo and toilet paper. And talked about where it goes. 

I guess I can be thankful that his curiousity didn’t come with a plumbers bill. I’ve heard some horror stories about kids flushing things down the toilet! 

Love hugs and more to come later!