Sharing is Caring

I am always encouraging my kids to share. And I feel like I am always reminding them. Which is why things like this warm my heart: 


Yep. This is Nick sharing his sucker with Zoey. And when he decided he didn’t want to share anymore: 


He gave her back her soother that he had actually taken out of her mouth to share the sucker. 

Love these kids to the moon and back. 

Love, hugs and more to come later!


Officially a Momma of 3!!

I cannot believe that I have let over a month pass without writing! Well, actually I can. Because this last month has been nuts! First off, the end of pregnancy SUCKS! The aches and pains made me miserable. Also I was trying to spend tons of extra time with the boys before their little sister arrived. Which she finally has! I am officially a Momma of 3! What a crazy, chaotic, overwhelming and absolutely amazing feeling it is to say that I am a Momma to 3 gorgeous babies.
Alex and Nick are absolutely in love with their little sister and Zoey loves the constant attention she gets. Or at least I assume she does.


This past week has been pretty crazy adjusting to having a newborn in the house. I can’t believe Alex and Nick were ever this small. (I definitely believe they were this demanding… since they still are :P) Amazingly, so far, my sleep hasn’t been to disturbed with the presence of a newborn. Or I just don’t notice it since the boys have only started sleeping through the night in the last couple months. I’ve already gone 2.5 years without a full nights sleep. Coffee and me are really really good friends.
Hubs and I decided that he is going to take some parental and spend some time with the kids and I. I think it’s awesome that he is able to help me out the way he does. Today was the first time he left me alone with all 3 kids for any length of time. He had a few appointments on base and was gone for a total of 3 hours. Which wasn’t too bad. The kids and I survived it. Things were going great for the first 30 minutes or so. Then Zoey decided she needed a diaper and a bottle. Which was fine, I can do those things easy peasy. Then Alex decided to smash his face into the toy box and come running to me with blood pouring out of his mouth. /sigh/ Obviously I had to put Zoey down to wait for her feeding until after I dealt with Alex. Which resulted in her joining Alex’s screaming. Where was Nick in all this you ask? He was playing quietly with his trains. Until his brother and sister were both screaming. Then he decided to follow me into the kitchen where I had taken Alex and stand at my feet screaming along with them. (Alex was fine, he got a Popsicle for letting me look in his mouth! Zoey got her bottle after a 2 minute delay and Nick got a yogurt tube since he was sad that Alex got a treat and he didn’t) My point is, Murphy’s Law at it finest. These things never happen when Hubs is here to help me!
But speaking of feedings, Zoey calls!
Love, hugs and more to come later! (I promise!)