I am either losing my mind or I am a genius…

Tonight Hubs and I put the 3 older kids to bed at 7 like we always do. (the three of them are currently sharing a room since we are in a two bedroom house and are locked into a lease, if you remember when we made our big move out to Manitoba we didn’t have much for options and took the first house we got, which came though mere days before we left New Brunswick. Thankfully, they are big bedrooms.) Most nights they lie in their beds, talk and play and are asleep by 730-800. I can deal with it. They aren’t too loud, I don’t need to go in there three hundred times. We are all happy. BUT. The last few nights… gah… they yell, they scream, they jump around, they fight, they dance… they in general just go crazy. Hubs and I take turns going in there… Starting with gentle reminders to lie in bed, go to sleep… then escalating to raising our voices and yelling. Which we are trying really hard not to do. And for the most part we are doing great with our quest to not yell. But bedtimes were getting absurd. So tonight I decided to do something different.

Tonight when they started getting absurd we tried the gentle reminders. I could see us both getting really frustrated by 730 sensing we were in for another long night. So I went into their room. I turned their light on. I said ‘it’s not bedtime anymore. You guys are obviously not going to go to bed like I asked. Please get up and go play with your toys.’

They looked at me like I lost my mind. So did Hubs. He whispered to me that I was either really smart, or really crazy. The kids weren’t sure what to think. ‘Let’s go’ I prompted and ushered them out to the living room where I pulled out some cars and started playing. They looked scared. I was trying not to laugh.

At 800 Alex said ‘Mom, I think it’s bedtime. It’s dark and the clock is pointing at the 8’ I replied ‘Yep. The clock says it’s bedtime. But Mom says it’s not’ ‘You mean we don’t get bedtime tonight?’ ‘Nope. You guys can stay up all through the night’ Him and Nick looked devastated.

At 815 I turned off all the lights except a lamp. I sat on the couch with a couple books and started reading. Zoey came over and snuggled up to me to listen. Soon Alex and Nick came over too. After a couple stories Nick asked if he could go read them in his bed. Alex looked afraid of my answer. I told them yes. They could each bring two books into their beds. I brought them back to bed and tucked them in (it was about 840) I heard from them once since then.

I don’t think 700 is going to work as a bedtime anymore. I am going to push them to 730 tomorrow and see what happens. Maybe I’ll even get lucky and they will start consistently sleeping later then 7am. Then I can really call myself a genius. Right?

Love, hugs and more to come later

Living a Life of Routine

I was talking to a single male friend the other day on Facebook. In the hour we were chatting I think I walked away from the computer 6,436,193 times. Seriously. Eventually he  realized that I was being pretty slow in replying and he asked me what I was up to. So I told him. I had had to put Nick down for his nap, give Zoey a bottle. Get Alex a snack and lie him down on the couch to watch TV and have a rest. My laundry needed to be switched over or else I wouldn’t have any diapers when the kids got up. Nick woke up and needed a short cuddle. You know. Mom things.

He replied with a comment about how chaotic it all seemed. I replied with a comment about how routines save my life. He jokingly said he was sure the kids followed the routine I wanted them too. I thought about it. And I realized, my days are all pretty similar. They go something like this:
630 Am – Nick wakes up, gets a diaper change and some milk and him and I cuddle on the couch and watch TreeHouse.
700 Am – Zoey wakes up, gets a diaper change and a bottle and then plays on the floor
745 Am – Alex wakes up, gets a diapers and some milk and I make both the boys breakfast
800 Am – I throw diaper laundry in the wash
1030 Am – The boys have a snack, Zoey has a nap (I normally remember around now to run the next diaper cycle)
1130 Am – Nick has his nap, Zoey wakes up and eats
1200 Pm – Alex eats lunch and then lies down to have a rest ( I move the diapers into the dryer and start normal laundry)
130 Pm – Nick wakes up and eats lunch, Zoey has a nap
200 Pm – Zoey wakes up, has a bottle and we go outside (Or do something fun in the house when it’s yucky outside)
300 Pm – The boys have a snack
430 Pm – I start supper
530 Pm – We eat Supper
600 Pm – Bath and PJ time
630 Pm – Kids start getting cranky and hubs and I try everything to get them as close to 7 as possible before we take them upstairs to brush their teeth and get into bed.

There are some things that don’t always happen at specific times, but it is more or less around the times I posted. And there are some things that didn’t make my quick write up. (playing, diapers etc)

After the kids are in bed, I load the dishwasher, sweep and wash my floors, fold laundry and then have me time. Normally with a cup of coffee and Hubs watching TV.

During the day while the kids are playing quietly, I sneak onto the computer and read blog posts, stalk Facebook and write. But, not without constant interruption.  (For example: I started this  post at 830 am, it’s now 935!)

Do you keep your household running on a routine? And, do you clean while the kids are awake, or leave it until they are sleeping?

Love, hugs and more to come later!