A Momma Brag

I am really scared that writing this post is going to jinx me. But, I have 3 seconds right now while Hubs has the boys outside and Zoey is playing contently on her own. 

Alex is potty trained!!! Days at least. I am still planning on putting him in a diaper at night for awhile since he rarely wakes up dry. 

There have been NO ACCIDENTS today!!! Right now he is outside playing, without a diaper. 

I am so so so proud of my baby boy. 

In other news, Nick and Zoey are both off the soother.
Nick is sleeping very well in his big boy bed. (He had been for awhile but he regressed a little when we put him the playpen short term and he did not want to sleep anywhere but there) 
Alex is recognizes most of his alphabet, and Nick is starting to sing his. 
Now that Nick is off the soother (and this time I am NOT going to give it back to him, which is why I took both of them off it at the same time) he is starting to talk soooooo much more. 
Zoey is sitting up amazingly well now and she is getting pretty close to doing a traditional crawl. (she has been able to pull herself around in an army crawl for months now) 
Zoey is also getting better and better with her sippy cup! The way she is going she should be done on the bottle soon! She is also saying Dada, Baba, Mama, and Hi! 

I can’t believe how quickly my babies seem to be growing up. I can’t wait to see what they do tomorrow!

Love, hugs and more to come later!

Wine Night!

Tonight is wine night. I am excited. Tomorrow is weigh in. I am not excited. But here are a couple awesome pictures the wonderful T did for my family not long ago. I love them and wanted to share how adorable my kids are. Also I haven’t had anytime to write anything and I don’t want anyone to think I am still in the wonky frame of mind I was in with my last post. I shook that pretty quick thanks to some awesome friends!



Lots of pictures I know. My kids are my pride and joy. As cliche as that sounds. And I am sure all parents out there feel the same way I do! Nick still isn’t sleeping right. Alex is picking up on everyone being tired and stressed. And Zoey’s teething. Looking at their pictures helps me remember that time goes fast. I am trying hard to enjoy them everyday, but, my goodness, cranky kids are difficult! Happy Monday!

Love, hugs and more to come later!