Figuring It Out

Every time I think I might finally have a handle on being a mom to 4 young kids the universe throws me a curve ball as if to remind me I am absolutely clueless.
A few weeks ago I enrolled Alex into school. At first he seemed to be doing great. He loved going, he was happy and there were no issues. His teacher was sweet and seemed to have an excellent handle on things.
Then one Thursday I went to pick Alex up and she greeted me with a comment along the lines of ‘oh my goodness, is it Friday yet! These kids are making me crazy!’ Now, I want to state that I can only imagine that dealing with 20 three-five year olds is stressful and chaotic and I’m sure Friday is exciting… But it seemed like such an unprofessional statement. Maybe if I knew her better I would find it more acceptable, maybe I’m over reacting, but it bothered me.
Then there was the day I showed up a few minutes early to pick Alex up. A group of about 10 students were gathered around the computer watching Youtube. Without supervision. This bothers me because while I think Youtube is an excellent site for educational videos and kids songs etc, I also feel like it should be used under supervision. It only takes one click of the mouse before those kids are watching something totally inappropriate.
Then was the day that broke my heart. I dropped Alex off like usual, then picked him up again at 330. When we got home we were talking about his day. He told me the teacher made him sit on the blue chair during circle time because he was crying. I asked him why he was crying and he told me he cried because I left. Wait. What? Since when?
The next day when I brought him to school I asked his teacher about his comment. She told me he cries a bit almost everyday. This had never been mentioned to me before. Every afternoon I ask how his afternoon was and she tells me he was happy and cooperative all day. Now she tells me he struggles for the first hour or so, out of a 2.5 hour program.
Alex hasn’t been to school in a week. The last day I brought him he cried and begged me not to leave him. I left the school crying. I cried all afternoon, my heart breaking for my little boy who was miserable in this setting. I cried for me, for not seeing how unhappy he truly was. I gave it a ton of thought. Do I keep forcing him to go? Or do I listen to his pleas and pull him from the program?
I finally decided to pull him. He’s three. He’s not ready to be away from his brother, sisters and I. Why force him before he’s ready. I have the opportunity to have him home with me and I’m taking it. In the last week my 3 year old has been himself again. And his only comments about school were ‘Mom, when you leave me at school I freak out. Miss A tells me not to but I miss you when you leave me. I like to stay home forever’ and ‘I have to go to school. Miss A said she’s going to cry if I stay home forever’
I don’t think I am going to enroll him back into the school I had him in for Nursery (pre k) some of my reasons are listed here, but most aren’t. But, that’s not a choice I’m making today! Right now the only choice I’m making is what to feed my babies for breakfast!

Love, hugs and more to come later


It’s hard to believe that Alex is at an age where I actually need to think about preschool and kindergarten. At first I was thinking HA he just turned two. I don’t need to think about this stuff. But then since he will be 4 when he starts kindergarten and I want him to have the best start in his schooling life (and he’s so smart as it is, who wouldn’t want to continue building on that!) I decided that maybe it is something I should start thinking about. But honestly, I don’t want to (nor can I afford to) pay the tuition involved in putting him into a preschool. Not to mention, I don’t drive right now and having hubs being responsible for getting him there and back when he also needs to make sure he is at work is obviously too much. (and living in Oromocto, let’s face it, options in walking distance are limited) So what’s a mom to do?!?

Obviously, preschool isn’t necessary. Or mandatory. But in this society, it’s expected. (not that I am by any means one to do what is expected… ever!) I don’t want Alex to start kindergarten being the youngest in his class and also the only one who didn’t have a preschool education. That just leaves me feeling like I am setting him up to fail (I know, I know, that is probably a little melodramatic, but I’m entitled to think and feel how I want!) So I went online and did some research. Parents home school their kids all the time, so why can’t I do that for his preschool education? (and I’m kind of thinking about going beyond that, but hubs and I need to talk about that some more since we have some differing opinions on home vs traditional schooling, so that’s another post for another day!) Enter Google. Google is an amazing tool. It’s amazing what you can find on the internet. I  found a wide variety of preschool curriculum’s and kindergarten prep stuff that I can use at home! And it’s way cheaper to go buy all the supplies I would need then it is to put 3 kids through preschool. As for social interaction (because I know someone out there is thinking to themselves, but Lynn, you are taking away the chance for your kids to interact with other kids! They are going to be socially awkward!) So for social interaction, that my dear friends is where play dates, drop in day care, and library groups come in handy! 

I am really excited for August to roll around so I can start the in home preschool that I am putting together for my kids! (yes, I said August, even though school doesn’t start until September, I want to start a little earlier.) I am really looking forward to giving this a go and maybe convincing the hubs that home schooling our kids is an option worth looking into!

Love, hugs and more to come later!