Looking Back… and Looking Forward

2014 didn’t go the way we planned. But then… does anything ever go the way we plan? A year ago I wrote this post. I had a few goals that I hoped to meet. I met some of them the way I intended, I met others in ways I never imagined and there are some that I missed the mark on completely. A lot of my goals moving forward are similar or build upon the previous goals.

January seen us with a surprise pregnancy. February seen us forced into bankruptcy (I never posted about this, but the gist of it was that in November I forgot to pay a bill and instead of contacting us they took it straight to court and were approved to garnish Hubs wages and the only way to prevent it from happening was to declare bankruptcy to protect our income. Especially since Hubs was looking at a medical release from the military and apparently if you are going to lose your job they are allowed to garnish 100% of your wages. All over 1 missed $100 payment. Life is grand!) March and April had us getting ready to relocate to Winnipeg. May and June had us scrambling after the military informed us they weren’t going to be paying for our move. July was our big move (with just what fit into our van) and August seen us settling into our new home. September was welcomed with a new baby (4 weeks early) and a short stay in the NICU. October, November and December were, thankfully, a little quieter and we were finally able to feel like we could breath and enjoy some family time.

If you remember, last year I was disgusted with the amount of money we were spending on fast food/eating out and our goal was to cut it out. Well… with the big move and such that happened this year, we didn’t cut it out. But we did cut down the amount we spent on eating out. Instead of spending around 60% of our food bill on eating out we cut it down to just under 40%. The number is still higher then I like and I am aiming to do better. We tried freezer cooking last year and it was working out well for us and really helped with cutting down our eating out so I am going to get back into that this month and hopefully see even better results next year! I am really excited to get started on freezer cooking and I am really excited to share some of what I learn and discover with you!

I am also hoping to establish some better organization techniques into the house. The problem I run into is things not having a home and ending up piled places (papers especially!) so I am going to try and give everything a home. If I can’t provide something with a home then it is obviously not important enough to live here with us! I have some great ideas and I am really excited to try them out. This is one that I recently set up in the bathroom so we had a better way to keep the kids toys clean and dry:

Fabulous Bathtub Storage

2015 is already gearing up to be an exciting year! Our great friend T is coming to visit us in February. Nick turns 3 in March. Hubs and I celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary in April! Zoey turns 2 in May. Hubs goes back to school in May. I am hoping to go out east to visit some friends in August (with Emma, so some of Hubs family can meet her as well) Emma turns 1 in September. Alex starts Kindergarten in September, and turns 5 in December. It is going to be great! I am looking forward to experiencing another amazing year with my amazing family.

Love, Hugs and more to come later!!

Hectic weeks…

I realized last night it had been awhile since I had posted anything. Which is bad on my part, I promised myself that I wouldn’t get too busy to post at least a couple times a week!! The last week has been pretty hectic though, and the next week is promising to be just as, if not more, hectic! 

On Saturday the kids and I are going to be embarking on a 6 hour journey to go visit my parents in Winnipeg. It comes with a lot of prep work. Mostly because we are planning on being out there for a few months. And you know, the whole one of me and two of them flying halfway across the country with a connection in Toronto. If you are prepped for that, you are asking for trouble!

So I have invested in a double umbrella stroller (I was going to use a carrier for Nick, but since I am going to be 25 weeks pregnant the day we fly, I don’t see that working well in my favor!) I bought Alex a color wonder (I remember giving him a normal marker in the car once… hubs wasn’t impressed with the purple door.. so I figured a marker that can only color on special paper is safer) I bought him a super cool wallet that holds crayons and a notebook. Some cars. Some little toys. And of course child sized headphones so he can watch Blue’s Clues to his hearts content, as long as he is content. 

I’m I am making this trip out to be a lot harder in my head then it will be in real life. The hard part I am sure is going to come in July when Hubs and I drive back out to NB with a 2 yr old, 1 yr old, and a newborn in our Toyota Matrix. That part of our trip is going to be when the real fun happens. But we’ll worry about that in June or so when it is a little more impending. 

For now, I need to maintain enough sanity this week to last the 6 hour trip on Saturday. The light at the end of the tunnel? My mom and dad are going to be waiting when we get off the plane in Winnipeg and I can pass the monsters off to them and sleep until I can’t sleep anymore!! 

Love, hugs and more to come later!