Modern Man of the Cloth Geekery Awards

This award is probably one of the best I have ever gotten. It could be, that it came at the perfect time. I read that I had received it when I was at a low point of wondering if my blog was actually reaching out to anyone. If I would actually affect anyone the way that I hoped to. If I could actually help me a change in the way people think about Postpartum depression and anxiety, if I could show other mom’s that we should support each other and we don’t need to bash on one another. 

Then I seen that I was nominated for the Gandalf the Gray award as part of the Modern Man of the Cloth Geekery Awards. This made my day. My week even.

The Gandalf the Gray award is given “When you make a point your arguments are so thought out and so persuasive no counter argument can stand.” 


It was exactly what I needed at that moment. And for that I want to send a huge heartfelt thank you to How to Ruin a Toddler’s Day for this!

So onto the rules for this award: 

  1. Like I tell my children you should always say thank you
  2. Please link back to the post that gave you your award
  3. If you won any of these awards you can pass along any of these made up, but still real, awards to someone else. Or can create your own awards to tell someone how awesome you think they are.
  4. Tell us 58 random things about you and 41 things that that make you interesting**

** Not a real rule. (thankfully!) 

Now, I am not creative enough to make up my own awards, so I am just going to pass along the ones that Man of the Modern Cloth and How to Ruin a Toddler’s day used. Here we go!

1. The Optimus Prime Award- Your blog is so inspiring I just want to ‘transform, roll out’ and follow you. I am sending this award out to A Game of Diapers!


2. The Gandalf the Gray Award– When you make a point your arguments are so thought out and so persuasive no counter argument can stand. I would like to award this to Mommy flying Solo.


 3. The ‘This is Sparta’ Award– Everything you say is powerful and strong. Agree or disagree I find your passion and convictions so inspiring. I would like to award this to Atlanta Mom of Three.


4. The Joker Award- Your humour is infectious, and maybe even a little dark. Your posts have made me laugh out loud almost every time. I would like to give this award to Broken Condoms


I left one out from the original post. I really don’t have a blog that I follow that fits in that category. Thanks again to How to Ruin a Toddler’s Day. You definitely made my day!!

Love, hugs, and more to come later!