Nick has always been curious. He likes to know how and why things happen. I am always explaining things. How trees grow. Why we can run into the street. How the dishwasher works. How his bubble machine works and why it doesn’t on a windy day. 

He likes to take things apart to figure them out. And try to put things back together. Lego and playdoh are two of his favourite things to manipulate.

But today. Today he threw me for a loop.

He went into the washroom by himself. Like he usually does. He was in there awhile but he normally is when he poops so I didn’t think anything of it. 

I heard the toilet flush once. And then again. I still didn’t think anything of it. He has a habit of flushes before he wipes and then again after. 

But then I heard the toilet flush again. And again. What the….. So I went in. 

When I walking into the bathroom I found Nick with his arm as far into the toilet as he could get it. So I inquired as to what, exactly, he was up to. 

He explained ‘tryin to flush Nick. See where water goes.’ 

Oh. Well. If that’s all….

Needless to say he needed to wash his hands and arms. And then he and I sat and talked about why we cannot flush anything except pee poo and toilet paper. And talked about where it goes. 

I guess I can be thankful that his curiousity didn’t come with a plumbers bill. I’ve heard some horror stories about kids flushing things down the toilet! 

Love hugs and more to come later!


Gender Equality and Children

Why is it that when a little girl wants to dress up as something traditionally boy, or pretends to be a boy people make comments about how cute it is and how she is being raised right, but when a boy wants to dress up as something traditionally girl, all hell breaks loose and it’s a big deal?

All over Facebook and the internet I see little girls playing with trucks, dressed up in traditionally boy costumes and playing sports. I think this is great. But what I don’t like is how it seems to compare to boys playing with dolls, dressing up in traditional girl costumes and wanting to dance ballet. 

For example today on Facebook I came across this picture:



I think it is awesome that this little girl is being encouraged to dress up as whatever she wants to be. The comments on the photo all pretty much had the same theme ‘Parenting Win’ ‘These parents are doing something right’ etc etc etc. 

Then I found this picture on Humans of New York:


With the caption: “He wanted to be a princess, and I thought it was a little too early to be imposing gender.”

The comments on this picture? Nothing like the ones of the little girl dressed as a transformer. This mom was accused of being a bad mom for allowing it. She was accused of using her child to make a political statement.

Am I the only one who sees something wrong with this? We have started looking at Halloween costumes for the boys. At first Alex wanted to be a pirate. Pirates are an obsession for him. Then he seen a princess costume on the website we were looking at and he decided that he wanted to be a princess. When I replied ‘I thought you wanted to be a pirate?’ His reply? ‘I want to be a Pirate Princess Momma!!’

And you know what? If either of my sons want to be a princess for Halloween, or do ballet, or do any of the other stereotypically female gender typed activities, I am going to let them. And I pity the poor soul who even attempts to call me a bad mom or criticize me for it.  

Earlier this month I read a blog post about a mom who had taken her son into the local Walmart while he was wearing a pink headband. A man did some unthinkable things to this little boy including knocking the headband off his head and calling him a f*cking f*gg*t and saying he would get shot one day. I read her account on her blog, but it has since been taken down due to the high volume of traffic. The mom has allegedly also been hospitalized due to the stress the incident brought her. You can read an account of the incident here.

This disgusts me. Why is it  okay for a girl to be into things that are traditionally boy, but it’s not okay the other way around? I understand this is a controversial topic, and while I welcome comments; Please share your opinions respectfully. 

Love, hugs and more to come later


Boy oh Boy… The Adventure of parenting!

A pregnant friend recently found out she is expecting and asked me what it was like to go through pregnancy and the first couple years of parenthood. I told her it’s hard to explain and gave her a generic answer about how wonderful it is to have kids, and how much I love being a mom, and of course, she would love it too. Then I gave it some thought and realized I can come up with a much better answer then that. So here goes!

Going through pregnancy: Going through pregnancy is amazing… at times. When you focus only on the baby growing inside you, hearing their little heartbeat for the first time, feeling that first little flutter, seeing them on the ultrasound screen. It’s amazing. Absolutely breathtaking. I was just as awed the first time I experienced any of those things as I was every time after that. It amazed me that my body was able to create such a perfect little being. But then there is the other side of all that amazingness. There are aches, pains, morning (ALL DAY) sickness, getting a cold and not being able to take anything for it… you get the point. There are two sides of it. And my answer as to whether I enjoy being pregnant tends to change depending how I feel that day. Then of course as you get to the end of your pregnancy, there is the countdown to a day that your baby may or may not be born on. I don’t know why we even get due dates. We just just get an approximation of when the baby will be here, that’s all a due date is anyways. But that’s not the point here. At the end of your pregnancy, you feel like a waddling whale, you can’t bend over to tie your shoes and you can’t sleep. Then the most amazing thing happens… you go into labor. 

Labor is only amazing for the first few minutes when you realize that the baby is actually going to make an appearance, then you realize that you are in this for the long haul and all of a sudden it just hurts. Like nothing you have ever felt before. But we’ll fast forward through all that stuff and go straight to the point you can actually hold your newborn!

The first time you hold your newborn (once you have gotten past the pain and exhaustion) is amazing. Absolutely amazing. To think that this little creature grew inside of you for nine long, long months and now is looking up to you like you have all the answers… You do have them right? I didn’t. I guess my kids handbooks got lost on the way out. Or the nurses kept them. I didn’t get them that’s all I know. And so begins parenting. 

What’s it like being a parent? Hmm… let me see. It’s exhausting. And stressful. And you will quickly learn there are no right answers. Just a lot (and I mean a lot) of theories. Like a lot of them. And most of them won’t work for you, your spouse, or (most of the time) your child. You might as well just accept right off the hop that you are going to have to make it all up as you go along. But it’s also the most amazing thing I have ever done. It’s overwhelming and scary to be sure. To think that this little being is going to be shaped by me… I doubt myself all the time. I wonder all the time if I am making the right choices for my kids. Especially when they are picking on one another, not sharing, not sleeping through the night like all my friends kids are. I wonder what I am doing wrong. But then I hear people tell me how well behaved they think my toddler is when he can walk through a store holding onto the stroller and listening to me. I hear my 2 year old helping his little brother learn to walk, and reassuring him when he falls down that it was a ‘good try Nick’ and my heart melts. I realize that somewhere along the line, I am teaching my kids to care about one another. Somewhere in all the chaos of a house with two toddlers I am doing something right. 

My point? Going through parenting and raising kids is an adventure. Nothing is going to prepare you for it. There aren’t enough books in the world (and you definitely don’t have time to read them all anyways) to cover every single aspect to parenting there is. The best way to sum it up is Adventure. Buckle up and get ready, because my dear friend, nothing is going to be the same again. Ever. 

Love, hugs and more to come later