Home from Camping, and another award!

This past week, Hubs and I took the kids out camping for a couple nights. It was supposed to be one night, but it turned into two. We had a great time. All the things I was stressed about ended up not happening. No one fell into the fire (although my brother almost set himself on fire starting up the BBQ) No one drowned in the pool. No one got (badly) hurt. The kids slept pretty well. And we all had a great time! I didn’t forget anything important (although since we stayed for 2 nights instead of 1, I almost ran out of diapers) No one was dehydrated and the kids got to spend some quality time with their Nana and uncle. It went so well (and with no major anxiety attacks for me), that I think we are going to go for a night or two again next week!! 

When I got home yesterday and finally got a couple minutes to get onto the computer, I discovered that I had been nominated for another blogger award! This one is the Team Membership Award. Which I assume means someone thinks I am contributing something worthy (A huge thanks to How to Ruin a Toddler’s Day for this fabulous nomination! Seriously, check out her blog, she is a fabulous writer!!) 


With this award comes the big task of passing it on! So here goes:

McCrazy Daily Lessons

Mummy Flying Solo

Wings as Eagles

The Girl who Blogs

Thanks again for the nomination. It makes me feel amazing that people are reading and enjoying my blog! What a boost of confidence! (Knowing there are people out there who seem to be enjoying my writing, has also given me the confidence to send in my story to the Fearless Formula Feeder, hopefully to share and encourage mom’s to have the confidence in their choices, regardless of what those choices are! I’ll share it here too soon!) 

Love, hugs and more to come later!


You mean people actually read this?!?

When I started this blog, it was a way for me to express myself, for myself. I devote so so so much of my time to my husband and kids, this was going to be my place to vent, and my place to just be me. To write about the the things that mean something to me. When I started I didn’t expect anyone to actually read it. Or even really care about what I had to say. Over the last 6 months or so since I started this I have slowly picked up followers and watching the stats I see that there is at least one visit to my blog each day, and, you know, the likes and comments on my posts (and the blog that posted my after birth story, Life After Birth, which I guess would lend to the idea the people are reading my blog, but I guess I still didn’t believe anyone was) And then today happened.

Today I was going through the blogs that I follow and catching up on some reading. When I realized that one of the blogs I follow had been given the WordPress Family Award. Being happy and excited for her (I love reading her posts and look forward to them!) I read the post. To find out that she wanted to pass the award onto me! Me! Someone reads and enjoys my blog. To say I am wowed is an understatement. I was amazed when I was approached about sharing my birth story, and I am even more amazed by the shout out, so to How to Ruin a Toddler’s Day, I thank you very much for the award! 



Part of receiving this award is to pass it along to other bloggers that you feel are deserving of it. (I don’t know of there is a special number of people I am supposed to send it on to, so I am going to send it to the 3 blogs I am enjoying right now and scream family to me.) There would be 4, but I feel it may be tacky to send it back to the person I received it from. (Just know that I seriously feel you deserved it!) 

First I would like to pass this along to Broken Condoms. I thoroughly love reading her blog. She has a very honest and real sense of humor, and doesn’t hold anything back!

Second is Mommy Loves Wine. Her blog is a new one, with only 2 posts to date, but I hope she continues on with her writing. I love  that she isn’t willing to put up with bullshit, and doesn’t buy into the fantasy that everyone has perfect children. I look forward to seeing what else she has to say!

Last, but definitely not least, is someone I know personally, who puts her family above all else. You can see the joy and pride she has for her ‘boogs’ and she wants nothing more then to live an honest and happy life with her little family. Frecklefacemom is someone I look up to, not only in the blogging world, but in my everyday life as well. 


Love, hugs and more to come later