Nick turned three!

In March Nick turned three. It was exciting and sad all at once. I can’t believe he’s already three. 

We decided to go with a Mickey Mouse theme because my boy is all about Mickey Mouse. 

I didn’t get many pictures of the decorations. Which is too bad because they were awesome. But it’s probably because I was too busy with this: 

Yep. My boy had Mickey Mouse at his third birthday party thanks to his uncle. 

He was so excited. It was amazing. 

And now he’s three. 

Nick my sweetheart, you are the most sensitive of my babies. And yet, you’re stubborn and determined. You’re clever and strong and amazing. I know you’re going to accomplish amazing things. I can’t wait to see what the next year has in store. This past year has been incredible. From hardly talking to never stopping. From diapers to being fully potty trained. From sleepless nights, a soother and tantrums to maturing into a little boy and putting yourself to sleep. You amaze me everyday. And I love you so so so much.  

Love hugs and more to come later 


Four Years Old.

I cannot believe that Alex is 4 years old today. Seriously. How did this:


Become this:


I don’t even get it. The last four years, being this little boys mom have been insane! Alex is so curious and stubborn and smart and sweet and… I am just so overwhelmed with the love I feel for him. I cannot believe it’s been four years already since the first time I held him and counted those little fingers and toes and marveled in what an amazing miracle we had created. Alex looks so much like his Daddy but he is his Momma through and through. I hear myself come out of his mouth so often that I can’t help but shake my head and worry about his teenage years.

This year I had his party at the end of November. He wanted to go with a Sheriff Callie theme. Sheriff Callie is a western show about a Calico Cat who is the sheriff of a small town… it is very much geared towards little girls and everything I was finding for this theme was pink. We had an adventure turning it into a little boys party. But we did it. With the help of some awesome people. And I bought the kid a pinata. Yep I am crazy. I bought a pinata for my almost 4 year old’s indoor party. He was so excited though! It was worth it.

10873546_10154998963955052_4882362795531441281_o 10750223_10154998963085052_2854892213133130684_o 10697237_10154895310785052_8506597063516873408_o 1658281_10154895310795052_154465377113572867_o

This little boy has brought a light to my life. I can’t believe four years has already gone by. Time flies when you’re having fun!
Momma loves you, Alex, to the moon and back!

Love, hugs and more to come later!

Family time

I have been having a hard time coming up with words lately. I can come up with the topics I want to write about. The things going on around me. Things the kids do that I want to share. Things I see, do, experience. But then I start typing and I can’t think of the words to express what I am thinking and feeling. It’s absurd. I feel so… blah… But not in the ‘I’m in a depressed, not me’ kind of way. I just.. I don’t know. I think I am losing my mind.

This week has been all about family time with Hubs and the kids. After the last few weeks of me being in and out and preoccupied with other things, I decided to devote this week to them. I think I did pretty good. Monday we hung out in the house since it was rainy out and played trains. Tuesday we did some shopping and played trains some more. And blew bubbles in the living room before bed. ¬†I made a point of taking the kids out for a walk on Wednesday. I was amazed with the boys. Nick walked about a half a KM and Alex walked the whole 2 KM’s with me. Without complaining. Yesterday we took the kids into Fredericton and walked around the mall, played in the play area with them. Bought them each a new puzzle for us to do together and bought scrabble for Hubs and I to play. Today we went to the park and played in the backyard. And, played trains. Of course.

Of course, my housework hasn’t been getting done. By the time the kids are in bed, I’m exhausted and just don’t feel like doing it. So there are toys everywhere. But oh well. Maybe I’ll do it tomorrow ūüėČ There is time for that. I have been enjoying my babies. I realized that they grow up far far far too fast. Zoey is 4 months old today. It feels like just yesterday Hubs and I decided to try for one more baby. Nick is 18 months as of a couple days ago. He is starting to talk more and more. And I started planning Alex’s third birthday today. /sigh/ (His birthday is December 29, but we are planning to have his party on November 30 before everyone is busy with Christmas)

Yesterday Alex was playing trains with Nick when him and I had this conversation:

A: Mom, where’s Henry?
M: huh?
A: I want Henry
M: *light bulb goes off, Henry is a train from Thomas, and not part of his collection* We don’t have Henry
A: Go store and buy him?
M: No. Maybe you can ask Santa for him for Christmas.
A: Go right now?
M: Um.. no… Santa is still sleeping. We’ll have to watch for him to come to the mall.

Then this conversation today:

M: *to hubs* I figure we can do a pirate theme for his birthday party and bbq Hot Dogs. I am only inviting a couple people.
A: Birthday Party! For Alex?
M: Yep. In a couple months.
A: With cake?
M: yep.. Cake, hot dogs, salad, balloons, presents…
M: Um… no… Santa doesn’t bring you presents for your birthday
A: Oh. I want Henry.
M: Maybe someone will buy you him for your birthday.
A: No. Santa buy him.
M: Santa doesn’t buy toys… his elves make them.
A: Laughs

This child of mine. I can’t wait until Nick starts talking.. I’m sure it’ll only get more interesting. Right now, he only says a few words and not in sentence form. Although, he is pretty funny with some of the ways you can see him processing things. Like when he was trying to get between the table and the side of the chair (I have the table pressed against the side of the chair so there was more room on the other side of the table while I was going through clothes) It wasn’t working for him. So I said ‘Nick, you aren’t going to fit in there. There’s no room’ His reaction? Let’s just try to move the table so I can. When he moved the table (it’s not heavy) He gave me the most hilarious ‘I told you so’ look ever. How I wish I had a camera.

But that’s been my week. I am hoping to get some laundry and stuff done this weekend. But I have to be honest.. if the kids want to play, laundry can wait!

Love, hugs and more to come later!


The monkey in the middle

I might be over reacting. But I honestly, really and truly don’t¬†think I am. My husband agrees with me. He’s upset to. Granted not as upset as I am, but I’m pregnant and I’m a mom. Of course I’m going to be more¬†upset then he is. Right?

Okay so,¬†so far this post is probably making no sense. So let me start at the beginning and explain exactly WHAT has me so upset. As you are all well aware, we are going to be having baby 3 next month. Currently we have 2 (that’s right everyone we have 2 kids right now although to some this seems to be a foreign concept)¬†Anyways. I’m getting off track again. Let me try this again.

In December 2011 Alex turned one. Everyone was excited. The first grandbaby was turning a year old. He was spoiled. But most importantly the milestone was ACKNOWLEDGED. 

In December 2012 Alex turned two. Again everyone was excited. The first grandbaby was turning two.  He was spoiled. Again, most importantly, the milestone was ACKNOWLEDGED.

So now let’s go to March 2013. Nick turned one. Some people were excited. But some very key people seem to have the forgotten all together about my monkey who drew the straw of being in the middle. And this really pisses me off. It’s not about the presents. It’s not about the cake and the party. But Nick didn’t even get a card, or a happy birthday from some key people who should’ve remembered the milestone.

Now it’s not just the forgotten birthday that has led me to being so annoyed. It’s more then that. It’s a series of events leading up to it. Like back in February when someone who should’ve known better brought presents to the house for the kids and gave the wrapped ones to Alex to open, telling him they were his, and gave the pink stuff she had bought for Zoey to Nick to play with telling him he could play with them ‘until his sister was born’ (when called out on this she said the stuff Alex was opening was for both boys, but¬†let’s face it once you tell a two year old that something is HIS he is not going to share very willingly)

Then there was this past weekend when we were visiting family. In this case it was all about a cookie and a pair of boots. But I was¬†mad enough that we left after a very short visit.¬†¬†The boys grandmother¬†decided she was going to give Alex a cookie (after I said no, but¬†as a grandparent it’s her right I suppose and I can let that go) When Alex was going to get one for Nick too (we work hard on encouraging Alex to share) she told him ‘oh no, Nick doesn’t need one’ BUT THEN BROUGHT ALEX INTO THE ROOM NICK WAS IN AND LET HIM EAT THE COOKIE IN FRONT OF HIS BROTHER. As for the boots. I guess while they were shopping they seen a cute pair of boots that they decided to buy. The boots however were too small for Alex, which I guess is who they were specifically shopping for since when I said they would likely fit Nick in the fall and they would be perfect for fall weather I was told ‘yes, but I was hoping they would fit Alex’ nothing these people buy is ever with Nick in mind. It’s always Alex (and now seemingly Zoey, since they are super excited about a grand daughter)

Really and truly, maybe I am wrong. But I am really upset that poor Nick seems to be forgotten about when we take the kids to visit certain people.¬† It’s being treated this way that gives¬†middle children ‘middle child syndrome’ I grew up with 4 younger brothers and there was no sibling rivalry between us. EVER. We were all treated as equals. Which is how I am TRYING to raise my children. But it is really hard¬†when Alex is learning some of his family members¬†favor him over his brother.

Thankfully I’m not crazy and hubs sees this too. Now just to figure out how to deal with it! That’s my rant for the day.


Love, hugs and more to come later!