The Biggest Loser – Week 1 Weigh In


Over the last week I have made a few changes to my lifestyle but nothing to drastic. My main goal is to change my lifestyle, and make changes I can stick to. As much as I love the idea of winning money for losing weight, I would rather be all around healthier and not put the weight back on by doing fad diets etc. (Not that I am saying anyone in the challenge is, it’s just something I really don’t want to do, even if doing so might mean I would lose a lot of weight fast)

What I did this week:

I have had at least 6 glasses of water a day. My goal was 10 (to compensate for my coffee intake) and some days I met that, and some days I didn’t. But everyday I had 6. (which was an improvement over the 2-4 I had been getting) I only had 2 small glasses of pop over the last week. (I used to have a glass everyday with supper)

I have also bundled the kids up for a walk every day in the last week. Except Saturday. It was raining Saturday. Every time I go into the basement for any reason, I skip rope.

And I have been eating 3 meals and 2-3 snacks everyday. But I haven’t been monitoring what I eat. Just making sure I eat. (I had pizza, McDonald’s, Doughnuts etc this week)

Next weeks changes:

When I went grocery shopping today we bought no pop, no chips, and stuck to (mostly) healthier snack and meal options. (I did buy a pizza for Thursday night as we are going to want a fast supper, and some dark chocolate covered coffee beans for a treat for me instead of raiding the Halloween candy. I can only eat 2-3 at a time, I love the coffee flavor but its too strong to eat too many of.

I am also going to do a Abs-So-Tightly Right 24 day challenge. It consists of crunches, leg lifts and the plank position.

And of course continue with last weeks changes.

My Numbers:

Last week my weight was: 169.2
This week my weight is: 166.4

For a total of 2.8 lbs lost (or 1.65%)

Go me!!

Love, Hugs and more to come later!


The Biggest Loser Challenge – Getting Started

As I mentioned in my post last night, I have recently joined a Biggest Loser weight loss challenge in my town.


The way it works:

It is being run by a woman on our community. Everyone who wants to participate was required to pay a $20 registration fee (to be put into a pot for the winner) We go to her home every Tuesday evening to be weighed (to be sure we are using the same scale every week and there are no discrepancies!). There are weekly prizes donated by WAHM’s for the person who lose the most weight that week. If you gain weight in any week you owe a $2 fee. On December 17, (after 8 weeks) we are going to have our final weigh in as well as a potluck and find out who the winner is. The winner is determined by who has the highest percentage of weight loss.

Why I am doing it:

I decided to join the group because Zoey is 5 months old and I haven’t lost a pound since she was a month old. I haven’t gained either, but I still weigh more then I would like to. I like the idea of being held accountable. And having a support group behind me. And a little healthy competition is always fun! This is also the reason I am choosing to share this with the blogging world. It holds me a little more accountable, and you guys are a great group of supportive people!

My plan:

Going to the gym a hundred times a week isn’t going to happen for me. First off, I can’t afford a membership and second I just don’t see myself sticking to it. I want to make lifestyle changes that I can stick to. Not just changes to lose weight over the next 8 weeks that I am going to put right back on!

So my plan is to walk every day, both with and without the kids. I am being more conscious of my eating choices. No more skipping meals (which I do waaaay more then I should) Other then coffee, the only thing I plan to drink is iced water (with lemon when I need the flavor) In my coffee I am lowering the amount of cream I use and sweetening it with honey instead of sugar. I am planning on getting a skipping rope and spending 5 minutes at a time skipping (hopefully a few times a day) and every other day I am planning on going to a fast paced 30 minutes bike ride.

Based on a healthy BMI (using the unreliable online BMI calculators) My ideal weight is 97-132 lbs. After talking with my Dr, my goal weight is 125 lbs. But more then a weight loss goal, my goal is to feel good about my body. To feel confident with how I look. To feel healthy.

My starting weight for this 8 week challenge is 169.2 lbs.

Any advice, links, recipes (the more family friendly the better!) etc are more then welcome!

Love, hugs and more to come later!