I am either losing my mind or I am a genius…

Tonight Hubs and I put the 3 older kids to bed at 7 like we always do. (the three of them are currently sharing a room since we are in a two bedroom house and are locked into a lease, if you remember when we made our big move out to Manitoba we didn’t have much for options and took the first house we got, which came though mere days before we left New Brunswick. Thankfully, they are big bedrooms.) Most nights they lie in their beds, talk and play and are asleep by 730-800. I can deal with it. They aren’t too loud, I don’t need to go in there three hundred times. We are all happy. BUT. The last few nights… gah… they yell, they scream, they jump around, they fight, they dance… they in general just go crazy. Hubs and I take turns going in there… Starting with gentle reminders to lie in bed, go to sleep… then escalating to raising our voices and yelling. Which we are trying really hard not to do. And for the most part we are doing great with our quest to not yell. But bedtimes were getting absurd. So tonight I decided to do something different.

Tonight when they started getting absurd we tried the gentle reminders. I could see us both getting really frustrated by 730 sensing we were in for another long night. So I went into their room. I turned their light on. I said ‘it’s not bedtime anymore. You guys are obviously not going to go to bed like I asked. Please get up and go play with your toys.’

They looked at me like I lost my mind. So did Hubs. He whispered to me that I was either really smart, or really crazy. The kids weren’t sure what to think. ‘Let’s go’ I prompted and ushered them out to the living room where I pulled out some cars and started playing. They looked scared. I was trying not to laugh.

At 800 Alex said ‘Mom, I think it’s bedtime. It’s dark and the clock is pointing at the 8’ I replied ‘Yep. The clock says it’s bedtime. But Mom says it’s not’ ‘You mean we don’t get bedtime tonight?’ ‘Nope. You guys can stay up all through the night’ Him and Nick looked devastated.

At 815 I turned off all the lights except a lamp. I sat on the couch with a couple books and started reading. Zoey came over and snuggled up to me to listen. Soon Alex and Nick came over too. After a couple stories Nick asked if he could go read them in his bed. Alex looked afraid of my answer. I told them yes. They could each bring two books into their beds. I brought them back to bed and tucked them in (it was about 840) I heard from them once since then.

I don’t think 700 is going to work as a bedtime anymore. I am going to push them to 730 tomorrow and see what happens. Maybe I’ll even get lucky and they will start consistently sleeping later then 7am. Then I can really call myself a genius. Right?

Love, hugs and more to come later

The Return of the Dance Party – Featuring Drums

You might remember a couple months ago when I wrote a post about Alex waking up at midnight and wanting to have a dance party. If not, you can read about it here

Well last night, Alex did not want to go to bed. At all. We put him to bed at 730 and he sat in his room and played. At 10, I wanted to go to bed. As soon as Alex heard me upstairs he was in my room and asking if he could come cuddle with Momma. I figured, sure why not. Maybe he’ll actually go to bed and we can all sleep tonight. You can all laugh at me here. It was a dumb dumb idea. I should’ve left him in his bed. He might have gone to sleep. Instead, the conversation went like this: 

Me: Goodnight Alex

A: Goodnight Momma.

Hubs: Goodnight Alex

A: Good night Daddy. (it’s quiet for a few minutes) Mom… are you sleeping? (I don’t answer. I know hope if I ignore him he’ll go to sleep.) Momma? Mom? Mommy? /sigh/ Daddy awake? (I guess hubs was working on the same theory I was) /sigh/ /Sigh/ /SIGH/ /SIGH/ (each time he sighed, it was more dramatic than the time before. Finally I couldn’t help it, I laughed) Momma! You’re awake!

M: No Alex. Momma is tired. I want to go to sleep. 

A: Alex sit. 

M: okay. Sit. Stay awake all night. Just let me sleep. 

A: Alex stay awake. Alex needs his drums. Be right back.

H: No Alex. No drums. 

A: Oh. Dance Party. 

H: Alex, be quiet. Mommy and Daddy are sleeping. 

A: *whispers* Alex play the drums. Dance Party. *yells* OH I KNOW!!! 

M: shh!

A: Oh sorry. Alex stay awake. Dance party. Alex watch the Lorax. Mom? wake up mom. Alex wants to go to sleep. Mom? Alex go to sleep? (I want to say, I was biting my tongue at this point, trying not to laugh at him) Alex lie down backwards. (He put his head near our feet) Mom look Alex backwards. /sigh/ Okay. Daddy? Wake up? Alex backwards. Look Daddy. 

H: Alex. Mom is sleeping. You need to be quiet. 

A: Oh. Okay. Sorry Mom. 

At this point he sat up and starting patting my face to make sure I was asleep I guess. When I succeeding in not moving or giggling, he kissed my head and whispered ‘night night momma’ I wish I could say that he then lied down and went to sleep. But he didn’t. He got louder and louder until I finally threatened to put him back into his bed. Then he went to sleep. 

Love, hugs and more to come later!


I guess I’m a bad Mom. Also I know where the dance party came from.

This evening I was cruising through Facebook checking things out and I learned 2 things. First I learned I am a bad mom. And the I learned where Alex came up with the dance party he wanted to have last night. (If you missed that, you can read it here) The two are related. 

First off, every night when I put the kids to bed, the routine goes something like this diaper changes, stories and cuddles, and then I lie them down in their respective beds and turn on their TV and DVD player and let them watch their movie until they fall asleep. (Normally this takes all of 10 minutes) Apparently this makes me a bad Mom. Good moms don’t let their kids watch TV while they are going to bed. Good moms don’t even put TV’s in their kids bedrooms. In fact, good moms turn off all sources of electronics at least 1 hr before their kids go to bed so that they fall asleep faster and sleep through the night better. But wait. My kids used to take upwards of 2 hours to fall asleep before I put their TV in their room. AND my kids would wake up numerous times a night. (they might still wake up, but if they do they aren’t up for long and they don’t wake me up) 

Honestly, if it means I can sleep and my kids are sleeping better, I can deal with being a bad Mom. It’s perfectly okay with me. 

Oh yea, and the dance party thing. Lately at bedtime and naptime the boys have been watching Shrek. Turns out that when Alex lies down in the afternoon, he wakes up as the credits are rolling. At the end of the credits is Shrek and Fiona’s Karaoke Dance Party. I learned this today when I heard him moving around and went into the bedroom before he came out on his own. He was bouncing on the bed and as soon as I walked in he excitedly told me he was having a dance party with Shrek and the Princess.  

What do you think? Is making the choices that get you labelled as a ‘bad mom’ worth it when it works for you and your family? 

Love, hugs and more to come later