For some reason the Christmas season always leads me to reflect on the last year. Even with the hustle and bustle of getting things ready for Alex’s birthday, and Christmas I can’t help but take time to look back.

I can’t help but look back on the Christmas traditions I grew up with, and, as the kids get older get some of those same traditions (or slightly modified traditions) in place.
One of those traditions is getting to open a present on Christmas Eve. Who doesn’t like to get to open just one present before Christmas morning! I loved this as a child, I think it builds excitement for the ‘big day’ Hubs and I agreed that Christmas Eve the kids would get to open one gift. It’s going to be the same every year, a pair of pj’s, a DVD, and hot chocolate. It gives us something fun to do together as a family. I am looking forward to it.
Another is the advent calender. My parents always got us the ones with the little piece of chocolate in each of the little windows. I loved it and planned on doing the same with my kids. But, in the age of Pinterest, there are so many ideas out there! I know a lot of people that are doing the 24 days of books, and while I like the idea, my kids already have thirty bazillion books and we read all the time together. Instead, I decided to do 23 (Dec 1 is Alex’s birthday party so we are going to start on the 2nd) days of family activities. From baking cookies, to Christmas stickers, to visiting Santa, to putting up our tree. There is something fun for us to do every day up to Christmas.
Family is so important. And I don’t want the kids to become trapped in the ‘what did you get for Christmas’ cycle and think it’s all about what you get.

On another note. I am totally obsessing with the fact my baby is going to be 3 in a little over a month. How did that even happen?!? Zoey is going to be 6 months old tomorrow. Nick is going to be 2 in four months.

Honestly, it feels like I just found out I was pregnant with Alex. And now here I am, almost 3 years into this parenting thing and still going strong! My kids are happy, smart, loved, loving, and healthy. (granted, Nick and Zoey have colds right now)

I am looking forward to the next month or so. I can’t wait to jump into Christmas with the kids and see the wonderment and excitement in their faces when they see the tree, the lights, the movies and shows, the crafts, Santa, and the presents under the tree.

Being a parent gives a whole new perspective to the simplest things 🙂

Love, hugs and more to come later!

There Is No Place Like Home For The Holidays

I am really home sick today. I don’t really know why. It might have something to do with my Facebook feed being filled with friends who are going to see their parents. I miss my Mom and Dad. And I know the kids do too. Which makes it that much harder. 

I find it adorable when the kids want to go visit their Nana and Papa. I share the stories of them trying to pack a bag and put their shoes on, of them telling me they are sailing the ‘potion’ to visit Nana and Papa, or trying to rescue them from pictures. I do it with a smile, loving how close my kids are to my family even though we are so far away. 


But honestly, it makes me want to sit down and cry. 

Maybe I am feeling a melancholy because of the serious lack of sleep I have been experiencing. I don’t know. I do know that right now I am wishing with all my heart I could take my kids home to my parents for Christmas next month. But, it’s not feasible. Christmas is still going to be great, being here with Hubs, the kids, and a group of great friends. But, there is nothing like being around extended family, sharing in the love and spirit of Christmas. 

I have been working on crocheting a blanket for my Mom for Christmas. I will share it here when I am all done. (Mom doesn’t follow my blog, I chose not to share it with many people in my real life.. it enables me to be more open and honest when I am writing) 

Once I am done Mom’s blanket I am going to get started on crocheting the kids new advent calendar. I decided to do something different with them this year and I am going to have an activity/craft for each day from Dec 2 until Christmas eve. I am throwing my all into Christmas this year to make it as awesome for the kids and us as I can to fill that void that family normally fills. 

I am truly counting myself blessed and lucky right now to have friends like K and T (Both of whom follow this blog) So to them, I want to say: Thank you both. Thank you and your families for always being there for me. The two of you have been the constants there for me through everything I have been going through. Supporting, encouraging, helping, listening, laughing. I don’t know if I could do this without you guys. I am truly blessed to have the two of you to always depend on through everything. Thank you guys for being the family my kids are missing out on! 

Love, Hugs and more to come later!