Conversations with my Kids – Walk Like an Egyptian Edition

Alex just came out of his room wrapped in a sheet.
‘Mom I’m an echipter’
‘A tree chipper?
‘No an Echipter’
‘A… Chipster?
‘No Mom. An Echipter’
At this point Hubs butts in ‘An Egyptian?’
Alex: ‘yes. Thank you. An echipter’

… Well… I’m glad they understand each other…. I need more coffee.

Love, hugs and more to come later

Conversations with Alex – Where babies come from

Alex and I were talking about our family. We had just finished talking about how we have a Momma, a Daddy, 2 brothers and 2 sisters. Then we had this talk:
A: Oh no!
M: what’s wrong?
A: I have one brother and two sisters!
M: yes….
A: I need two brothers and two sisters, Mom you have to have another baby! Can we get another one from your tummy?
M: No, sorry bud, there’s no more babies in my tummy.
A: Let’s go to Walmart!
M: Why?
A: Because we can buy a small tiny baby and when you are sleeping he can climb in your mouth and go all the way down down down to your belly. And then you can eat and sleep and eat and sleep and eat and sleep and the baby will grow into a brother and then the Dr can take him out and then I can have two brothers and two sisters.
M: um… I’m not sure that’s quite how it works…
A: Well we can try!
M: um.. Well… Ill tell you what, next time we’re at Walmart if they are selling little brothers Ill think about it. But I don’t think they sell people at Walmart sweetie.
A: I’ll keep trying Mom.
M: okay bud.

And there you have it… The real truth of where babies come from.

Love, hugs and more to come later

Lessons from my kids

Today has been a rough day. Emma is teething and only happy when Momma is holding her, otherwise she screams. She is fighting her naps and is miserable. Zoey is also teething and having a jolly time irritating her brothers. Alex and Nick needed naps today and wouldn’t take them. They are easily instigated. I didn’t get enough sleep. I am short on patience and Hubs isn’t here.
So I was rocking Emma and finally got her to sleep. I tried to put her down, no sooner did I get her put down and settled, Zoey grabbed a toy from Nick, Nick screeched, knocked over Alex’s toy in his tantrum and Alex screamed in anger and decided to push Zoey. Who started crying. Which woke Emma up. Again.
I sighed. I hung my head almost in tears and muttered to myself ‘that’s it. I quit. I’m not cut out for this. I can’t do it. I’m done. There is a beach somewhere. With alcohol. Ill go there. Ill sleep. Ill embrace the quiet.’
Alex came over and said ‘but mom, we would miss you. Please don’t leave’
Me: I wouldn’t really leave baby. Momma’s just frustrated’
A: cause we woke Emma up again?
M: sort of, don’t worry about bud, Mom’s got this. Okay?’
A: okay Mom, I love you.
M: I love you too baby.

Then almost the exact same scenario played out. Only this time Alex hit Nick (I’m not sure why) and Nick kicked Zoey who bit him back. Again, all 4 were screaming and crying.
Me muttering: I’m so done. I quit.
Nick: mooooooooom oooowwwww
Me: yes I know. Zoey bit you, it hurts.
N: oooooooowwwwww
M: come here I’ll kiss it better
N: no
M: fine
Nick comes over, ‘mom, kiss me?’ I kiss him better, he says thanks and says ‘I love me mom’ (which is his way of saying I love you’ I tell him I love him too and he goes to play.
A few minutes later Emma is asleep again. I’m about to put her down, but Zoey has a doll in her chair. I figure Ill put her in the swing, doll there too. I know that the second I put her in her bed she’ll wake up. So I ask Zoey to move her doll. ‘Be seep’ (baby sleeping)
M: I know but I need to Emma down
Z: Ma seep?
M: yes, Emma is asleep
Z: night night Ma

I put Emma down, and the kids are still quiet. Soon Alex comes over to snuggle. While he’s in my lap he says ‘Mom… Don’t quit. We need you too much. Dad does it wrong’ right after he says this he hops down and goes to play with his brother and sister. Helping Nick build his tower and reminding Zoey ‘shh, Emma’s having a nap’

Oh my sweet boy. I would never quit. These kids teach me more everyday about love. And patience. And how the tough moments never last long.

Love, hugs and more to come later

The Halloween Candy

I took the two boys out trick or treating for Halloween, but the girls stayed home with Daddy. Zoey was fevered on and off and Emma is just too little.
They made out like bandits and there was way more candy then the kids are going to eat.
Now I’m one of those ‘mean’ parents that moderates how much candy my kids get. I put the candy out of sight and out of reach. Or so I thought.
The other day Hubs and I were sitting in the living room watching TV. We had this conversation:
M: where did the kids go?
H: I think they are playing their bedroom.
M: oh. Ok. Its really quiet I think I’m going to go check on them
As I stood up the kids came running out of the kitchen yelling:
Alex: mom! We found the treats!!
Nick: mom! Treats!
Zoey: eats! Yum!
They not only FOUND the treats, they also managed to climb up and get them down.
Apparently my kids who can’t handle playing cooperatively lately work together really well when there is candy involved. Who knew.

Love, hugs and more to come later