Potty Training – Second edition

I meant to write a post on this in the lead up days… We decided to attempt potty training Nick. We started yesterday morning. He had one accident yesterday, and one accident today! He woke up dry this morning and immediately went to his potty (with a bit of prompting)
I am soo excited to be down to 2 in diapers full time and 1 only at night!

We were going to try potty training Nick and Zoey at the same time, since they are both showing signs of being ready…. But, 2 at once seemed like a lot of pee to clean so we decided to focus on one at a time. In a week or so (or after T leaves, I did tell you all the T is coming with baby L to visit right? That’s another post, if I didn’t) anyways we are going to focus on Zoey in a couple weeks.

I am almost ready to call Nick’s potty training successful. He has been waiting for his bedtime pull up to poop in though. I think its time to acquire another copy of ‘Everyone Poops’ (the one we had for Alex got lost somewhere through our move) it really worked with Alex, and I’m optimistic Nick would find success with it as well!
*fingers crossed* for continued success!!

Love, hugs and more to come later!

The Biggest Loser Week 2, Potty Training, and Chaos


This last week has SUCKED as far as my weight loss efforts. I gorged myself on chocolate, wasn’t paying attention to how much water I was drinking, and didn’t do much as far as working out went. But, somehow the weight loss gods were on my side, and *drum roll* I am down 2 lbs! 

That means:
Last week I was at: 166.4
This week I am at: 164.0 
That is a loss of 2.4 lbs this week and 5.2 lbs (or 3.07%) total. I am feeling awesome about myself. Just eating more often and drinking more water/cutting out pop is making such a difference! 


Today, for some random reason, Hubs and i decided to start the three days to potty training with the boys. By noon, Nick was back in diapers. He is not ready! He bawled his little eyes out every time he peed. Alex, however… Alex only peed on the floor twice all day! He went to his potty every other time! My stubborn monster is finally getting it! I am so so so so proud of him! Every other time we tried, he fought so hard, we backed off. This time, he is thriving in our praise! I am still worried about him holding in bowel movements. But I guess we will see what the next few days brings! 


This picture is from August of 2012. Alex was only 20 months old. But it makes me smile and giggle. 

I was up at 430 AGAIN this morning with my monsters. But I got Nick to nap today for the first time in over a week. So I am hoping that it’s a sign tomorrow will be better since maybe he won’t be as over tired and his little body with actually rest better. Also I broke Alex’s car seat and need to go replace it. I read the wrong manual and thought the base on his came off. Turns out only Nick’s base has the option of coming off. I guess we are buying a new car seat. Ha ha. What a day. I am off to bed. Tomorrow is a new day. 

Love, Hugs and more to come later

Heeeeeeelp meeeeee pleeeeeaaasseeee!!!!



I really hope one of my awesome readers can help me. Please please please. You might recall yesterday I mentioned that we are going to start potty training Alex today. Well we started! It started off bad, when I suggested him taking off his diaper and using the potty he had a melt down. So I backed off. A few hours later he WANTED to wear his big boy underwear! yay! I was super happy. So we got him all decked out in his new Cars undies. Then he peed on the floor. Oh big deal, I moved him onto his potty, and explained (for the hundred millionth time) that we have to pee on the potty, not on the floor. Had him help clean up his mess, and put clean undies on. 

Then he peed on the floor again. Went through the same routine. He seemed to get it. He told me he needed to pee on the potty, not the floor. 

Then 2 minutes later (literally TWO EFFING MINUTES) I walked back into the living room to find him squatted on the floor WATCHING himself pee. As soon as he seen me he bolted to his potty. But he was already done. Again we cleaned up and talked about it. Then a did a mommy bad and put him in a diaper. I probably shouldn’t have. But he asked for it and I could tell he was getting upset about the accidents. I don’t want to discourage him from potty training by making him feel bad about accidents… but obviously being as positive as I have been (accident’s happen, it’s okay, let’s clean it up etc) isn’t getting the point across that he NEEDS to pee on the potty and not on my floor. 

Anyone have any tips? 

Love, hugs and more to come later!


The secret to potty training??

I think I might have found the secret code to potty training Alex. I also think it might backfire on me. 


Yesterday Alex was playing with the Thomas backpack that came with his tricycle. I was in the kitchen cooking supper. The conversation went like this:

A: Momma

M: what’s up Bud?

A: Alex go to school? Look, backpack

M: Sorry Bud. You can’t go to school.

A: Please Momma? Alex go to school! On the school bus!

M: (thinking: ‘oh hell no you aren’t, you’re still a baby’ then a lightbulb goes off…) You can’t go to school yet Alex. You have to pee on the potty before you go to school. They won’t let you go if you are still wearing diapers. 

A: quiet for a minute then ‘Momma… take Alex diaper off. Pee in potty now.’

He then sat on his potty until supper time when I put a pull up on him until we were done eating. He didn’t use it, and went back to the potty after. (and used the potty!)

This morning he is wearing his backpack and we are using the same thing to encourage him. Now I wonder what I am going to do when he is potty trained and wants to go to school! 😦 

Love, hugs and more to come later!