Can I snuggle you?

Can I snuggle you. Ah. I hear these words so many times a day. And my heart melts each time. My coffee gets cold. My chores can wait. When the kids ask to snuggle I just can’t say no.

Alex is 5. He isn’t going to be asking for these snuggles forever. I think that every time he asks. And I want to cry. To beg him to stay little forever. But he is growing into such an amazing child. I can’t imagine holding him back.

Nick has his struggles. He doesn’t normally like to be touched. He gets overwhelmed easily. His senses process things a little more intensely. When he asks to snuggle I soak up every one of the 45 seconds I get with him. I know it means a lot to him to even use his words and ask me to stop what I am doing to snuggle him.

Zoey and Emma are both at ages that they are far too busy to want to snuggle. Except for in the morning. And when they are tired. And I soak up every moment with them. Zoey’s chatter about princesses and puppies. Emma’s big wet kisses and squirmy warmth.

The love I have for these four little beings still has the power to overwhelm me. Through the chaos and messes and noise and insanity, they have the power to stop me in my tracks with four simple words. ‘Can I snuggle you?’ Oh yes my sweet monsters. You certainly can.

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