And then he turned 5

what! Alex is FIVE!!! How did this even happen. My goodness. It’s crazy.


First off, I love you. So so much. You made me a mom. You gave me confidence even though I still constantly question myself. In you I see so much of me it’s eerie. I hope you can take those qualities and be an amazing human. In the last year you’ve shown me so much. You’re so intuitive. Smart. Strong and amazing.

You have a joy that can’t be brought down. A curiosity that can’t be satisfied. And it amazes me. You’re always so full of questions. Always so intrigued by everything around you. Youre an amazing big brother to Nick Zoey and Emma. You’re always so willing to help and always so eager to explore.

Never lose that baby boy. And never forget that dad and I are always here for you. No matter what. You’re going to do amazing things in this life. You already have.

I love you to the moon and back my sweet boy. But please please stop growing so fast!



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