It’s all fun and games until…. someone breaks a bone…. 2nd edition

On August 16th I wrote a post with the same title. You can go read it here. Basically I had written about  how I was play fighting with the boys and Alex jumped on me. I caught him wrong. I hurt my wrist.

This time it’s a little different.  But here’s the story.

Yesterday Alex had his first day of kindergarten. He goes in the morning from 850 until 1130. He came home. Ate his lunch. And then asked if I would snuggle him for awhile. Hell to the yes I would.

So we were lying in bed snuggling. Alex sat up for a second to talk to Hubs. When he was done talking he lied back down. By lied back down I mean he threw himself back down.

He landed on my face. The Crack was heard by everyone.  As was my screech. 

My poor baby feels so guilty. I tried to hide how much pain I was in. But my nose. Oh. My. Word.  My nose. The pain. The blood. The swelling. The bruising. The black eye…. aaah.

Accidents happen.  It’s not his fault. It’s no one’s fault. And I’m glad it was me and not one of the kids. It was a good lesson on being careful. But.  I’m serious. A broken nose hurts.  So. Bad.

Now I’m sleeping on the couch. 1- I can’t sleep flat to avoid the increasing the swelling and causing bleeding. And 2- I’m pretty sure if Hubs or the kids bump my nose during the night I’ll die.

Alex has decided that even though he goes to bed in his room he’s going to keep me company and move to the other couch sometime during the night.


He is such a sweet boy. I love him so much. 

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