According to plan

Things never ever ever go the way they should. I should know this.  But I still manage to be caught off guard.

Two weeks ago Hubs had a Dr’s appointment. They confirmed his condition  is getting worse. The Dr speculated he would never work again. 

This past week Hubs was pulled out of school and now things are being set in motion to label him as permanently disabled. 

Hubs is having a hard time wrapping his head around this. As am I to be honest.  He’s only 29. It seems so unfair.

We’re looking into homeopathic treatment now to help with the pain and progression. Veterans affairs won’t cover it. But we’ll find a way to make it work.

My question to you: do any of my amazing readers have any favorite websites or books I can use to find information  on homeopathic treatments for chronic pain and nerve damage?

I hate to see him suffer. I hold out hope that there is something out there to help him. I found a lovely massage therapist who specializes is nerves willing to take him on. 

I feel so confused anynynd disjointed. I wish I could help him more but I don’t know how.

2 thoughts on “According to plan

  1. My mom and dad both have nerve damage and chronic pain. My dad really struggles with it (he just had neck surgery so hopefully that will help a little). For my mom, what has helped was her diet and exercise. She went Paleo and has been exercising more than before. The exercising is low impact (walking on a treadmill) and she is actually in more pain when she does get her exercise in the morning. Not sure if that helps at all, but I have seen such a drastic change in her that I had to share.
    I hope that you find something that helps him. 😦

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