over the last few months I have been wishy washy about sending Alex to school in the fall. He’ll be 5 at the end of December, 2 days before the cut off for kindergarten. 

I had a list of pros. And a list of cons. Together with hubs and my mom, I decided I am going to enrol him for this year. 

My baby is going to kindergarten.

His school career is starting in just a few short months. 

I feel like just yesterday I was holding him like this 

And now…. Kindergarten. 


Kids grow far to fast. 

Love, hugs and more to come later!


4 thoughts on “Kindergarten 

  1. Wow, end of December is the cutoff in Manitoba! I think it was end of March in Alberta when I was growing up. Here in Québec, it’s end of September which means that though Amélie and Charles are nearly 2 years apart, they’ll be following one another in school (he’ll be one of the eldest in his class and she’ll be on of the youngest). It’s amazing how different the cutoff date is across Canada.

    It can’t be an easy decision. Kids *do* grow up so fast!

    • The late cut off was a huge part of my indecisiveness. Someone told me PEI is changing theirs to August 31. I don’t want to see him struggle because he’s (most likely) the youngest in his class!

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