Three months catchup – about the kids

in the last three months Nick turned three and Zoey turned two. Alex is coming up on four and a half and Emma is 9 months. Whew. 

Emma is crawling. And eating food. And pulling herself up on stuff. And saying momma. And getting into everything! She’s precious and perfect. 


Zoey. Is. A. Handful. She hit the terrible twos with every ounce of herself. She is suddenly hitting and hair pulling. My goodness the hairpulling! She doesn’t nap anymore. And is mostly dressing herself without assistance. She’s sweet and sassy! 

Nick is my fiercely independent little man. He’s totally potty trained. And learning to ride a bike. He knows his alphabet and numbers! He amazes me everyday! 


Alex is hitting a phase of testing his limits. Pushing his boundaries. And trying my patience. But between his episodes of being a total monster he is learning basic addition and recognizing and spelling simple words! 

There you have it! My super cute adorable babies. That honestly haven’t changed much in 3 months!
Love hugs and more to come later!


5 thoughts on “Three months catchup – about the kids

  1. Oh my goodness the dimples on Emma! So cute! Does the headband stay on for prolonged periods? Mine keeps taking hers of as soon as it’s on (actually, she generally grabs it from my hands as I try to put it on). Glad to hear they’re doing well.

    • Haha my issue actually isn’t with her taking it off. It’s Zoey who takes it off her head!!
      Thanks for reading šŸ™‚ I love Emma’s dimples too! She’s had them since the minute she was born!

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