Letting go

I’ve always enjoyed watching my  babies grow. It comes with a certain sadness. But also a sense of pride. Sadness that they are ending a phase. Moving on. Growing. Changing. And pride that they are accomplishing things. That I’ve helped them learn. To grow. 

Emma is almost ten months old (can you believe it?!?) and as she is growing I have had to let go of things. As she learnt to roll around, I let go of ever having a newborn that didn’t move. As she started pulling herself up and cruising the furniture I’ve had to let go of having a baby and accept that we are moving into toddlerhood. 

But as she approaches ten months there is one thing that I don’t want to let go of. I’m teaching her to use a sippy cup instead of a bottle. And I don’t want to lose this:


But. This is happening:

It’s one more step towards her independence. She’s my last baby. I can deal with the crawling. And cruising. But I don’t want to give up these feedings. I love snuggling my babies while they have their bottle. 

I know we still have a couple more months with the bottle, but I also know my time is limited. 

How do I cope with these emotions

Love, hugs and more to come later




over the last few months I have been wishy washy about sending Alex to school in the fall. He’ll be 5 at the end of December, 2 days before the cut off for kindergarten. 

I had a list of pros. And a list of cons. Together with hubs and my mom, I decided I am going to enrol him for this year. 

My baby is going to kindergarten.

His school career is starting in just a few short months. 

I feel like just yesterday I was holding him like this 

And now…. Kindergarten. 


Kids grow far to fast. 

Love, hugs and more to come later!



Nick has always been curious. He likes to know how and why things happen. I am always explaining things. How trees grow. Why we can run into the street. How the dishwasher works. How his bubble machine works and why it doesn’t on a windy day. 

He likes to take things apart to figure them out. And try to put things back together. Lego and playdoh are two of his favourite things to manipulate.

But today. Today he threw me for a loop.

He went into the washroom by himself. Like he usually does. He was in there awhile but he normally is when he poops so I didn’t think anything of it. 

I heard the toilet flush once. And then again. I still didn’t think anything of it. He has a habit of flushes before he wipes and then again after. 

But then I heard the toilet flush again. And again. What the….. So I went in. 

When I walking into the bathroom I found Nick with his arm as far into the toilet as he could get it. So I inquired as to what, exactly, he was up to. 

He explained ‘tryin to flush Nick. See where water goes.’ 

Oh. Well. If that’s all….

Needless to say he needed to wash his hands and arms. And then he and I sat and talked about why we cannot flush anything except pee poo and toilet paper. And talked about where it goes. 

I guess I can be thankful that his curiousity didn’t come with a plumbers bill. I’ve heard some horror stories about kids flushing things down the toilet! 

Love hugs and more to come later!


Three months catchup – about the kids

in the last three months Nick turned three and Zoey turned two. Alex is coming up on four and a half and Emma is 9 months. Whew. 

Emma is crawling. And eating food. And pulling herself up on stuff. And saying momma. And getting into everything! She’s precious and perfect. 


Zoey. Is. A. Handful. She hit the terrible twos with every ounce of herself. She is suddenly hitting and hair pulling. My goodness the hairpulling! She doesn’t nap anymore. And is mostly dressing herself without assistance. She’s sweet and sassy! 

Nick is my fiercely independent little man. He’s totally potty trained. And learning to ride a bike. He knows his alphabet and numbers! He amazes me everyday! 


Alex is hitting a phase of testing his limits. Pushing his boundaries. And trying my patience. But between his episodes of being a total monster he is learning basic addition and recognizing and spelling simple words! 

There you have it! My super cute adorable babies. That honestly haven’t changed much in 3 months!
Love hugs and more to come later!


Three months Catchup- about a baby

I left for three months. It’s not that long in the grand scheme of things. But the last three months were full of so much stuff! So many things went on! 

Right after I left a close friend of mine had a baby.  The first since I’d had Emma. I was excited to go see her and the baby but I was scared too scared of all the emotions that would come along with it. The baby fever. 

But. That didn’t happen. I held her beautiful baby girl. I breathed in the baby smell. We talked about baby things. And I realized something. 

I realized I don’t want another baby. No part of me yearns to be pregnant. No part of me yearns to do the newborn stage again. And part of me feels empty because of it. But a bigger more consuming part of me is relieved. 

I have four beautiful babies. And I am totally happy with that. My family is complete. 


Love hugs and more to come later 


Happy Birthday Zoey!

Zoey just turned two. How insane this is to me! My baby girl is two! I was pregnant with her when I started blogging and now she’s two! 

How this:

Became this:


I’m not entirely sure. For her birthday we decided to go with a bubble guppies theme since she is obsessed with bubble guppies!


She loved it!

Zoey my sweet princess.  You are pink and frills and shiny things. You love to have pretty hair but you hate pigtails. You love to play in the mud and I swear you get dirtier then your brothers ever did! I hope you continue to stay true to who you are and don’t let society try to change you. You are an amazing, strong, stubborn, beautiful, outgoing and smart little girl and daddy and I love you to the moon and back!

Love hugs and more to come later!