Comfort objects. 

Hello!! I have missed this blog. Desperately. And I just can’t stay away. It’s comforting for me to have made the decision to come home. Momma needs coffee. And this momma needs this blog too. 

I am still keeping my new blog active. But I like it here. It’s comfy. And I like having my comfy place to talk about my babies. I am going to revamp this blog over the next few days. And write a few posts to catch it up to my life today.

But this is my happy place. I battle depression. But my depression isn’t going make much of an appearance here. I found a new safe home for it.  A place to put it when it’s a part of me without letting it choke out my happiness. 

You are my happiness. This space is my happiness. I’ve missed it. I’m home. 

Love, hugs and more to come later


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