I need you

i didn’t intend to post here. But I need you. My readers. My followers. My friends. 

In January my brother joined the Canadian forces and left for basic training. 

He’s been doing great. 

Yesterday I got a phone call. He fell off the obstacle course. He broke his leg. They didn’t know how bad. He needed to see a specialist off base today. 

This morning he seen the specialist. He broke his leg in 2 places and its pushed in. He’s currently being prepped for surgery. 

We are all upset we can’t be there for him. He’s surrounded by great people. But it’s not family. 

I need you. I need your thoughts. Your prayers. For my family. For my brother. For him to have a successful surgery. And fast healing. 

I hate seeing my mom cry because she isn’t with him. I hate myself for encouraging him to follow his dream to join. I should have known better…. Our journey sucks… I had hoped he would be better… Be okay. Not get hurt. 

Please send any thought or prayer you can. 

From the bottom of my heart thank you. 


4 thoughts on “I need you

  1. Thinking of you and wishing your brother a quick recovery. Don’t be so hard on yourself, by encouraging him you were a good sister, you supported his choice and now you can continue to be there (at least in thoughts) for him. A broken leg will heal in time.

    • Thanks Pascale. I know it could be so much worse and I know he’ll heal… I’m scared I guess and trying to remind myself that his journey with an injury isn’t Hubs journey. Thank you so much for your kind words

  2. Thoughts and prayers for a smooth surgery and prompt recovery. Don’t be so hard on yourself, mama, even if you can’t be there physically for him, he definitely knows you’re all sending him some positive energy.

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