The Ending of a Chapter

For the last month or so I have been considering writing this post.
This post is meant to close my blog.
Momma Needs Coffee will be no more.
There are a lot of reasons for this decision, and its not a decision I’ve made lightly.

For 2 years this blog as served as my safe place. But lately I’ve been monitoring what I’ve been typing. There are about 10 of my real world family/friends who read my blog. And I feel like I’m not saying what I want. I’m censoring myself. And that was never the intent of this blog… Well maybe originally it was. I once wrote that I wanted to use it to document the kids lives for family to follow. But that’s not what this blog is. This blog is me, and that’s what I want, but its also not me because I’m censoring me. Make sense?

So this is my goodbye. To you, my amazing readers. I’m ending the chapter on Momma Needs Coffee and starting a new chapter under another blog name.

Stay well my friends.

Love and Hugs to eternity.


10 thoughts on “The Ending of a Chapter

  1. I totally understand your reasons. I would just suggest one thing. Leave the blog on and start a new one. Maybe, if you wanted to come back anytime it would be there just for you.
    But I must say, it was great knowing you and your family. I will always miss those stories of your wonderful kids. My love to Alex, Nick, Zoey and Emma. If not anything, drop us hints when you start a new blog okay 🙂 Sad to se you leave but that’s okay. Have a great life. Bye.

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