My friend T and Baby L came to spend 10 days with us. She flew from NB to Winnipeg on Feb 7 with the intent of flying back home on the 17. Our visit was going awesome! Our kids were having a ball and I loved being able to visit with her.
I had a great time with T and Baby L on their visit. We had our ups and downs (a 10 day visit is very different then play dates and coffee dates!) But we had fun. After 6 months it was a great much needed visit! And watching our kids play together was fabulous!
Unfortunately T hurt her back 2 days before she was due to fly home and had no clue how she was going to get back with her 17 month old baby, she could hardly lift him!!
I am really sorry that T hurt her back. Its definitely not how I seen her trip ending. And it was stressful working out exactly her and Baby L were going to make it home. We knew that although she may have been physically able to get home without help, she was going to have a really tough time and be in excruciating pain by the time she there. A 17 month old in your lap for a 6 hour trip isn’t easy on the best of backs!
Fast forward to the 19th of February. I am currently waiting for a plane. Heading back home to Winnipeg.
Yesterday I flew from Winnipeg to Fredericton to help T home. We got into Fredericton at suppertime. A great friend came by T’s for coffee with us. I was up until after 1 am. I needed to be up at 430 to leave to come back to the airport. Ill be landing in Winnipeg at 10am. Home before lunch and naps. Hardly missed!
I’m going to miss my friends from New Brunswick, but as familiar as everything is… I don’t miss it the way I thought I might.
So now here I am, heading back home. Ill be glad to get there, I miss my babies. Even though I just left yesterday, travelling almost 8000 kms (round trip) makes it feel like its been ages since I’ve been home!
Love, hugs and more to come later

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