Conversations with my Kids – The ‘Help Me’ edition

Nick has been super independent lately. He never wants help… And when I offer it… Oy. Today he was trying to get his shirt on after taking it off and he was very twisted in it….
M: Nick do you want some help?
N: No! Nick do!
M: okay (struggling not to reach over and help)
N: Mo-om!
M: here (as I reach out to help)
N: No no no Mom! Nick do!
M: okay
(At this point he has one arm straight up in one sleeve over his head the other arm bent with the elbow going into the sleeve with his head in there somewhere)
N: Mom! Help me! I’m stuck!
M: are you sure?
N: help me!

So I reach over to help… As soon as I tough him….


Rawrg child. Make up your mind.

Love, hugs and more to come later

2 thoughts on “Conversations with my Kids – The ‘Help Me’ edition

  1. Oh dear this is a common occurrence at our house too! I hear ” no Sha” (which is how he pronounces his name) way too often one day. It’s so hard trying to find a balance between letting him do it by himself (or trying to) and actually getting out of the house in under an hour.

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