I need you

i didn’t intend to post here. But I need you. My readers. My followers. My friends. 

In January my brother joined the Canadian forces and left for basic training. 

He’s been doing great. 

Yesterday I got a phone call. He fell off the obstacle course. He broke his leg. They didn’t know how bad. He needed to see a specialist off base today. 

This morning he seen the specialist. He broke his leg in 2 places and its pushed in. He’s currently being prepped for surgery. 

We are all upset we can’t be there for him. He’s surrounded by great people. But it’s not family. 

I need you. I need your thoughts. Your prayers. For my family. For my brother. For him to have a successful surgery. And fast healing. 

I hate seeing my mom cry because she isn’t with him. I hate myself for encouraging him to follow his dream to join. I should have known better…. Our journey sucks… I had hoped he would be better… Be okay. Not get hurt. 

Please send any thought or prayer you can. 

From the bottom of my heart thank you. 


The Ending of a Chapter

For the last month or so I have been considering writing this post.
This post is meant to close my blog.
Momma Needs Coffee will be no more.
There are a lot of reasons for this decision, and its not a decision I’ve made lightly.

For 2 years this blog as served as my safe place. But lately I’ve been monitoring what I’ve been typing. There are about 10 of my real world family/friends who read my blog. And I feel like I’m not saying what I want. I’m censoring myself. And that was never the intent of this blog… Well maybe originally it was. I once wrote that I wanted to use it to document the kids lives for family to follow. But that’s not what this blog is. This blog is me, and that’s what I want, but its also not me because I’m censoring me. Make sense?

So this is my goodbye. To you, my amazing readers. I’m ending the chapter on Momma Needs Coffee and starting a new chapter under another blog name.

Stay well my friends.

Love and Hugs to eternity.



My friend T and Baby L came to spend 10 days with us. She flew from NB to Winnipeg on Feb 7 with the intent of flying back home on the 17. Our visit was going awesome! Our kids were having a ball and I loved being able to visit with her.
I had a great time with T and Baby L on their visit. We had our ups and downs (a 10 day visit is very different then play dates and coffee dates!) But we had fun. After 6 months it was a great much needed visit! And watching our kids play together was fabulous!
Unfortunately T hurt her back 2 days before she was due to fly home and had no clue how she was going to get back with her 17 month old baby, she could hardly lift him!!
I am really sorry that T hurt her back. Its definitely not how I seen her trip ending. And it was stressful working out exactly her and Baby L were going to make it home. We knew that although she may have been physically able to get home without help, she was going to have a really tough time and be in excruciating pain by the time she there. A 17 month old in your lap for a 6 hour trip isn’t easy on the best of backs!
Fast forward to the 19th of February. I am currently waiting for a plane. Heading back home to Winnipeg.
Yesterday I flew from Winnipeg to Fredericton to help T home. We got into Fredericton at suppertime. A great friend came by T’s for coffee with us. I was up until after 1 am. I needed to be up at 430 to leave to come back to the airport. Ill be landing in Winnipeg at 10am. Home before lunch and naps. Hardly missed!
I’m going to miss my friends from New Brunswick, but as familiar as everything is… I don’t miss it the way I thought I might.
So now here I am, heading back home. Ill be glad to get there, I miss my babies. Even though I just left yesterday, travelling almost 8000 kms (round trip) makes it feel like its been ages since I’ve been home!
Love, hugs and more to come later

A World of Firsts

There is a first time for everything. Every single thing you do in a day, you did for the first time at some point in your life.
Think about that.
Even the things that are so… Routine. At some point, there was a first. Ever stop and think about it? Celebrate it?
When you cook your husband his breakfast before work… Do you remember the first time you did it? Do you remember what you made him? Did you burn it? Were you nervous about whether he would like it?
Do you remember the first kiss? First hug? First time you knew. Like really knew?
Lately I’ve been struggling. I feel like I’m lost within myself. I’m consumed with the emotions that come with being done having babies. I’m consumed with the past and the memories. I’m obsessed with the stress and struggles I have everyday raising 4 kids and helping Hubs cope with his depression and chronic pain.
But last night… Last night something happened.
I curled up in bed beside Hubs who was snoring. I snuggled against him and in his sleep he wrapped his arms around me and murmured that he loved me.
My heart melted. I was brought back to the first time I heard those words come from him. The excitement I felt. He tells me he loves me dozens of times in a day. But I don’t often think about that first time. I don’t often think about the magic that was there with all our firsts.
Last night I did. And I don’t think I’ve ever loved my husband more.
I remember the first hug. Kiss. I love you. Argument. I remember the struggle I went through when I chose to leave my family and friends and move across the country to be with him. I remember the look in his eyes when he seen me in the airport. The smile. The joy. I remember how I felt. The excitement, nervousness. The love, joy.
In all the turmoil, the stress, the exhaustion I’d forgotten our innocence. The beauty of young love. The feeling of exhilaration I used to have.
But last night I remembered.
Today I remember.
And I’m going to remind myself to remember tomorrow.
Our world is constantly changing. And there are always new things happening. New memories that replace the old.
But those firsts are never going to happen again. And I don’t want to forget them.

Love, hugs and more to come later

Conversations with my Kids – The ‘Help Me’ edition

Nick has been super independent lately. He never wants help… And when I offer it… Oy. Today he was trying to get his shirt on after taking it off and he was very twisted in it….
M: Nick do you want some help?
N: No! Nick do!
M: okay (struggling not to reach over and help)
N: Mo-om!
M: here (as I reach out to help)
N: No no no Mom! Nick do!
M: okay
(At this point he has one arm straight up in one sleeve over his head the other arm bent with the elbow going into the sleeve with his head in there somewhere)
N: Mom! Help me! I’m stuck!
M: are you sure?
N: help me!

So I reach over to help… As soon as I tough him….


Rawrg child. Make up your mind.

Love, hugs and more to come later

Spreading a Smile – Challenge Edition

Once a day I send a random message. A text, email, Facebook message. In any form. Usually to someone I haven’t talked to in a while, but sometimes to someone I know is going through a tough time. Its a simple message, usually along the lines of ‘hey! I hope you’re having a great day today!’ Or ‘I was just thinking about you and wanted to say hi! Hope you’re doing well!’
It takes 30 seconds, and (I assume) puts a smile on someones face.
I started doing it because last summer when we were going through a tough time I received a few of those type of random messages and it made me feel less alone, and thought of. It made me feel like someone cared.
We don’t know everyone’s internal struggles. But knowing someone is thinking of you, its often enough to brighten the day a little.
So I am going to offer a challenge. I am going to challenge every one of you amazing people who read this to spread a smile. For every day in February, send a quick message to someone you don’t talk to often, or someone you know is struggling. You don’t need to post about it, or even tell anyone you’re doing it. But, I bet you’ll feel good doing it 🙂

Love, hugs and more to come later