Potty Training – Second edition

I meant to write a post on this in the lead up days… We decided to attempt potty training Nick. We started yesterday morning. He had one accident yesterday, and one accident today! He woke up dry this morning and immediately went to his potty (with a bit of prompting)
I am soo excited to be down to 2 in diapers full time and 1 only at night!

We were going to try potty training Nick and Zoey at the same time, since they are both showing signs of being ready…. But, 2 at once seemed like a lot of pee to clean so we decided to focus on one at a time. In a week or so (or after T leaves, I did tell you all the T is coming with baby L to visit right? That’s another post, if I didn’t) anyways we are going to focus on Zoey in a couple weeks.

I am almost ready to call Nick’s potty training successful. He has been waiting for his bedtime pull up to poop in though. I think its time to acquire another copy of ‘Everyone Poops’ (the one we had for Alex got lost somewhere through our move) it really worked with Alex, and I’m optimistic Nick would find success with it as well!
*fingers crossed* for continued success!!

Love, hugs and more to come later!

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