Conversations with my Boys… Birthday Gift Shopping Edition

Today the boys and I went out to buy a birthday gift for my friends little girl, C, who just turned 2. So while walking through the toy section in Target (who just announced they were closing ALL 133 of their Canadian stores leaving almost 18,000 people without jobs, my prayers go out to those people who are about to lose their jobs!) Anyways, we were walking and had this conversation:

Me: So guys, what do you think C would like for her birthday?
Alex: A truck?Nick: Man! (spiderman)
M: um.. well.. maybe, but I think those are things you guys would like….
A: Oh yea… what does C like?
M: hmm. Well, if you think Zoey would like it, C probably will too
N: A HORSE! (we were walking by a rather expensive almost big enough for Zoey to sit on plastic horse that I think was meant for dolls)
M: uh… well… that’s kind of expensive dude… how about a Minnie Mouse toy?
N: No! A horse! C like Horse!
A: I think C would like a horse too Mom.
M: *scanning the toys* How about this smaller one? (it was a My Little Pony one)
A: Mom… that’s a pony.. not a horse
N: A biiiiig horse
M: ….. okay…. let’s keep looking….
A: Hey mom! Check out those Spiderman toys! They have the sale sticker on them! Can we have one? (yes, I know… my kid recognizes clearance stickers on toys… I’m cheap 😉 )
M: I thought we were here to buy C something?
A: Oh yeah. After we find C something?
M: maybe. I’ll think about it. (they each got a spiderman toy. And Zoey got a princess toy for her castle… I’m a pushover)
M: What?
N: LOOK! A HORSE!! (he was literally yelling this to me from a foot away)
A: Nick! You found the perfect horse! It’s not a pony. *slight pause*  Mom.

This is what we ended up with:


It’s a good thing my kids know what to buy for 2 year old girls. And know the difference between a pony and a horse. Where would I be without them?

Love, hugs and more to come later!

2 thoughts on “Conversations with my Boys… Birthday Gift Shopping Edition

  1. Haha, that’s cute. 🙂
    Wow, so sad to hear about the stores closing. We just had a Target near us close last year. I don’t love Target, but I do feel bad for all the employees.

    • Target just came into Canada 2 or so years ago. I don’t *love* it, but the added variety to shopping was nice. We don’t have a lot of shopping choices, Walmart more or less has a monopoly, no other store similar can seem to make it here! I worked for the store that was bought out by Target, Target didn’t keep any of the employees. I only went in there to take advantage of going out of business sales 😉
      Hope all is well with you Valerie!!

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