Four Years Old.

I cannot believe that Alex is 4 years old today. Seriously. How did this:


Become this:


I don’t even get it. The last four years, being this little boys mom have been insane! Alex is so curious and stubborn and smart and sweet and… I am just so overwhelmed with the love I feel for him. I cannot believe it’s been four years already since the first time I held him and counted those little fingers and toes and marveled in what an amazing miracle we had created. Alex looks so much like his Daddy but he is his Momma through and through. I hear myself come out of his mouth so often that I can’t help but shake my head and worry about his teenage years.

This year I had his party at the end of November. He wanted to go with a Sheriff Callie theme. Sheriff Callie is a western show about a Calico Cat who is the sheriff of a small town… it is very much geared towards little girls and everything I was finding for this theme was pink. We had an adventure turning it into a little boys party. But we did it. With the help of some awesome people. And I bought the kid a pinata. Yep I am crazy. I bought a pinata for my almost 4 year old’s indoor party. He was so excited though! It was worth it.

10873546_10154998963955052_4882362795531441281_o 10750223_10154998963085052_2854892213133130684_o 10697237_10154895310785052_8506597063516873408_o 1658281_10154895310795052_154465377113572867_o

This little boy has brought a light to my life. I can’t believe four years has already gone by. Time flies when you’re having fun!
Momma loves you, Alex, to the moon and back!

Love, hugs and more to come later!

6 thoughts on “Four Years Old.

  1. Happy Birthday Alex. 🙂 I wish you have lots of fun and cool memories this year and for many more such years.
    From the pictures, to me, he looks a lot like you. May be, i was wrong. But you both look so sweet.
    Have a great day Lynn.

      • It’s sad… But good. Now I can get rid of all the baby crap in my house, AND there’s room in the backseat of my car for THREE people to sit back there.
        Of course, they both talk. And fight… But I an no longer legally required to EVER change another diaper, and THAT is worth something.

      • Haha! The idea of not having to deal with diapers is pretty unbelievable to me!! Although the space I would acquire not having all the baby stuff… I’m sure would be taken up with other kid stuff haha….

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