Four Years Old.

I cannot believe that Alex is 4 years old today. Seriously. How did this:


Become this:


I don’t even get it. The last four years, being this little boys mom have been insane! Alex is so curious and stubborn and smart and sweet and… I am just so overwhelmed with the love I feel for him. I cannot believe it’s been four years already since the first time I held him and counted those little fingers and toes and marveled in what an amazing miracle we had created. Alex looks so much like his Daddy but he is his Momma through and through. I hear myself come out of his mouth so often that I can’t help but shake my head and worry about his teenage years.

This year I had his party at the end of November. He wanted to go with a Sheriff Callie theme. Sheriff Callie is a western show about a Calico Cat who is the sheriff of a small town… it is very much geared towards little girls and everything I was finding for this theme was pink. We had an adventure turning it into a little boys party. But we did it. With the help of some awesome people. And I bought the kid a pinata. Yep I am crazy. I bought a pinata for my almost 4 year old’s indoor party. He was so excited though! It was worth it.

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This little boy has brought a light to my life. I can’t believe four years has already gone by. Time flies when you’re having fun!
Momma loves you, Alex, to the moon and back!

Love, hugs and more to come later!

Falling out of blogging

I wish this wasn’t so hard. There are so many things I WANT to blog about, but I can’t seem to find the time to do it. I’m falling out of blogging and I hate it. I want to keep writing. I love the freedom to say what I want, without having to censure myself. Because, if someone doesn’t like what I’m saying they can move on!! I want to make time for blogging, I just need to figure out how. Being so much closer to my family is eating up my time (not that I am in any way, shape, or form complaining!) Ill find the time, Ill catch up on the things I want to write about (like Alex’s birthday party last month, and the very lovely blog award I received! Not to mention the New Years post I’ve been thinking about!) Bear with me! And if you have any suggestions on how to fit blogging BACK into my life, I’m all ears!!

Love, hugs and more to come later

Counting down to Christmas

Since December 1 the kids have been receiving nightly visits from Billy the Elf. It has been a blast! Billy is not an elf on the shelf. In fact, the kids never see him. Elves are far too busy making toys to hang out on our shelf, at least in my opinion! Billy brings us an activity, craft, or treat every day that we can enjoy together. We’ve made gingerbread trees, snowman faces on paper plates, foam gingerbread men, pipe cleaner candy canes, ornaments for the tree… Well you get the point! The elf also changes our ‘days til Christmas’ board so the new number is showing every morning.
I have LOVED doing this with the kids. I love how Nick is recognizing the numbers, how Zoey’s fine motor skills have improved putting the perler beads on the pipe cleaners, how Alex is starting to get an understanding for the concept of time… But most of all, I love hanging out and doing Christmas activities with the kids. I’m looking forward to Christmas Eve, when Billy leaves them pjs and dvds so we can have a pj party and green and red pancakes for supper.
Christmas is magical.
From our home to yours, I hope the magic of the season finds you and brings you the joy its bringing us ❤
Love hugs and more to come later!

Gaining Perspective

A couple weeks ago I posted about the struggles I was having with Hubs. Last weekend I went to Edmonton to hang out with my best friend, M, and celebrate his birthday. M’s wife just left him. After 6 months of marriage and a 4 year relationship. For no apparent reason. The specifics aren’t important, but basically she caught him off guard. She was unhappy, and didn’t tell or show him that.
It got me thinking.
There are a lot of things in Hubs and my relationship making me unhappy. I’ve been choosing not to discuss them with Hubs because they are related to his chronic pain condition and he has little to no control over them. I figured since he can’t change them, why talk about them. He can’t help that sometimes he’s in too much pain to do much with the kids and I. He tries. I know he does. I see it. I see him overdo it and that frustrates me too. M’s wife chose not to express she was unhappy. I don’t know what was making her unhappy. Whether he could change it or not. But he didn’t know. And that’s not fair.
Now, just to clear it up, I am not considering leaving Hubs. But, when I am in a bad mood, he deserves to know why. He deserves to know what makes me unhappy. Even if he can’t change it. At least then he can help me work through it.
So I talked to him. I told him the things about his condition that make me unhappy. I expressed myself.
And at the end of it, he thanked me. He could tell something was wrong, but didn’t know what. At least this way, he knows. And maybe he can change it a little bit. We’ll see. But I know that I am happier then I was a couple weeks ago. And now, Hubs knows that I need a husband, not another child. And we are working on ways to help him stop making excuses not to do things for himself. So I can stop feeling guilty when things get forgotten or put off.

Christmas Traditions

Its December!! And with that comes Christmas! I love Christmas. The togetherness, family, lights, traditions. This year is a little different for us then most years since we are living close to my family which means we won’t be spending the holidays alone, like we usually do. Which is going to be absolutely fantastic!
Last year I introduced the concept of Billy the Elf to my kids. Billy isn’t an elf on the shelf. Elves are too busy making toys to hang out at our house all day everyday. Billy is an elf who pops over every night while the kids sleep to leave them a Christmas activity for us to do together.
Of course that means that I spend November cruising Pinterest for a bunch of Christmas crafts and activities and then go through our craft supplies to make sure we have what we need. Our elf leaves everything we need to do a craft or activity in our ‘elf bag’ which is just a crocheted bag that I made and he changes the number on our countdown to Christmas board. Sometimes, when he has time, he leaves a letter for the kids.
I love making memories and having traditions for the kids to grow up with! I can’t wait to enjoy the holiday season with them! Our elf bag is just one of our many traditions. What are some of yours?

Love, hugs and more to come later!