Accepting Blame

A local radio station posted this to Facebook yesterday with the caption that the Public Health Agency of Canada was investigating laundry pods because there were a large number of children that ate them and got sick. The radio station wanted opinions as to whether their listeners thought this was legitimately a product problem or a parenting problem.
Now I personally feel like this is a parenting problem, not a product problem. Laundry soap is a chemical. It should be kept out of reach of children. Just like the rest of the household cleaners, medications, etc. A lot of the comments on the post by the radio station were saying its the products fault for looking like candy. Or for not making the containers child proof.
Now, I do understand that accidents happen. Kids get into things. But why can’t we as parents take ownership? Why does it immediately have to become someone else’s fault?
I have made my own calls to the Poison Control Center on 2 occasions. The first I had an almost empty bottle of peroxide open on the bathroom counter while I was cleaning my ear piercing. I had the bathroom door open and had allowed Alex in the room. I thought I had put the bottle far enough back, but I turned my back to Alex to talk to Hubs for a minute and when I turned back Alex had the bottle and the front of his shirt was wet. I don’t know how much he ingested, and it was an accident, but it was MY fault the accident occurred. Not the makers of the peroxide I was using. The second time the boys both had chest colds and we were visiting my mom. I had bought some Baby Vicks Rub and I was storing it in my purse, on a shelf. Alex knew he wasn’t allowed to play in my purse. But he got it down, opened it, and handed the container to Nick in his playpen. It was all over Nick, his bed and the wall. I don’t know if he ingested any but I took ownership. I shouldn’t have assumed it was safe while it was still in reach. The over wasn’t baby proof but I didn’t think Alex could open it. Again, my fault. Not the fault of the company.
In Canada child walkers are banned. You can’t buy them, sell them, gift them or use them. Too many kids fell down the stairs while using them. I guess parents felt like they didn’t need to worry about safety if their child was in the walker?
I have storage bins that specify not to put children in them with the lid on it.
Some of these warning labels that companies use are getting absurd. It’s time to stop blaming companies. It’s time to step up and admit that we aren’t perfect flawless human beings. It’s time to admit that some of these accidents aren’t the fault of a company but are, in fact, Parenting Problems.

Love, hugs and more to come later

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