W(h)ine and cheese

I wish this post was about the wine you pour into a chilled glass and sip and enjoy while your stresses slowly melt away. But this post is about the other kind of whine. There is cheese though. So that’s a bonus.

This morning I got up with the kids at 8. I was feeling pretty good. 8 is better then the usual 630!! We got up and I made them breakfast, got their apple juice, and turned on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. That was an hour ago. They haven’t stopped whining since. ‘My waffle is too hot’ ‘Zoey’s touching me’ ‘I don’t want to go pee’ ‘my apple juice is cold’ ‘I want cheese and crackers’
Being sick of the incessant whining from all 3 of them, I gave in and gave them cheese and crackers. It worked. They were all eating quietly.
Until Zoey ran out of cheese on her plate. Then she quietly eased over to Nick and swiped a piece of cheese off his plate. HOLY EFFING MONKIES ITS WORLD WAR THREE. Over a piece of cheese. The tantrums!! Its insane!!!!!! Nick pushed Zoey, Zoey bit Nick. I sent them to their room. Biiig mistake… They share a room. Hahaha… That wasn’t a mommy win.
Now Nick is watching tv while sitting on the couch. And screaming his head off anytime Zoey is within 2 feet of him. Zoey, the wonderful child she is, thinks this funny and is purposefully inching closer and closer until he screams. After a morning full of whine, my night better be full of wine.

Love, hugs and more to come later

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