Trying to be patient….

I am not a patient person. By any means. I hate waiting for anything. Having four babies has taught me a lot about patience, and I am learning to be more patient, or at least hide my impatience from them. And I guess I do a pretty good job hiding how impatient I am since I am continually complimented on my patience when I am out with my kids.
However there are moments like now where I find it increasingly difficult not to absolutely lose my mind. Alex and Nick have spent the last couple days fevered. Random fevers on and off, a little lethargic but otherwise pretty normal. They haven’t been sleeping as well as normal, but it hasn’t been to terrible. Well today the fevers are gone and I’m left with 2 tired cranky boys. And Nick is teething. Tonight Nick has woken up four times. This last time he was complaining (again) that his teeth hurt. So I offered him Tylenol. He didn’t want any. Fine by me. But then he proceeded to lie in bed yelling and crying his teeth hurt. TAKE THE DAMN MEDICINE. Seriously. But no. He’s stubborn and refuses too.
So I’m lying in his bed with him. Listening to him yell. While I blog. Because I can’t touch him or he screams louder. And I won’t leave the room because he’s in pain. And won’t take the effing tylenol.
I’m trying not to get angry at him. But its midnight. I’m tired. And he’s already woken Zoey up. Because he’s yelling. Because his teeth hurt. And he won’t agree to take the medicine. But we’re getting through it together.
I love this child. He is the sweetest. Especially as he wraps his arms around my neck, kisses my cheek and closes his eyes.
Momma loves you baby boy.

Love, hugs and more to come later

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