Remembering the Firsts

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about firsts. As a mom firsts means things like first smiles, first tooth, first steps, first words, first Christmas, first birthday, first day of school.
First friend. First boy/girlfriend. First date. First kiss. First job. First heartbreak.
We seem to focus a lot on firsts. I heard someone say today: ‘you always remember the first and last. Its the stuff in between that gets forgotten’ I don’t know what the person was referring too as I heard it on tv while channel surfing. But it stayed with me.
Is it true? Do we only remember the first and last? Do we not place importance on the in between?
Is the in between just the drudgery we need to get through to meet our goals?
As parents, are we enjoying every day we can, or are we looking towards the goal? Are we going to remember the day to day ordeals of our lives? Do we want to? Why aren’t the ‘usual’ days as important as the days when something unusual happens? Or are they? To us as individuals maybe they are, maybe we just don’t talk about them for fear of boring others.
I don’t know why that line is staying with me. But it is. And its made me realize I like the drudgery of my days. And I’m going to start doing something to make each day a little more unusual and a little more memorable.

Love, hugs and more to come later


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