Mountains and Molehills

A while back I posted about being torn about putting Alex into nursery school or keeping home until next September.
After writing the post and talking to a couple people, I decided to keep him home and let him set the pace. It was working out well for us. Until about a week ago.
Last week Alex started asking about when he could go to school. Daily. Telling everyone he spoke to he would be going to school ‘soon’.
So I have decided to let him go. And I’ll be honest… I feel like I’m scaling an emotional mountain.
I’m so excited and scared for my baby. And sad that I’ve been his mom long enough for him to be ready for school.
I’m sure one day when I look back this will simply be a molehill, but today its a mountain.

Love, hugs and more to come later

4 thoughts on “Mountains and Molehills

  1. Around the age of four, many of my daughter’s storytime friends began going to pre-k and people started asking her when she was going to start. We had already been homeschooling, so she knew she wasn’t going to attend school, but we did up the amount of activities around that time because it seemed like everywhere we went someone was saying something to her. πŸ™„
    It sounds like Alex is ready! πŸ˜€

    • I have been homeschooling the pre-k curriculum for him and Nick. And I likely will continue with some of it. He only goes for 90 minutes a day so he isn’t going to miss out on much of the activities we do here anyway. He definitely sounds ready and wants to go, so I’m going to step back and let him…. Even though I’d much rather keep him a baby forever!!

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