An update on our new lives

The last time I posted I’m pretty sure I mentioned that we managed to secure funding to pay for our trip and that we were able to find a house. I would go back and check, but I can’t because we don’t have internet until tomorrow.
After hubs went to the legion to talk to them about the fact we had no help with the move we applied for the Military Family Fund. At first I was very unsure about asking for help from a charity, but living in my parents little house with such a big family definitely wasn’t ideal and we did need the help, so we went for it. We were lucky and not only did the fund help pay for the drive out to Winnipeg, but they also covered our deposit on a house and our first months rent. With some help from my parents and a few others, we found a house that is perfect for our family.
So last Monday we embarked on our 4 day long journey to get from NB to Winnipeg MB. It was a long trip. My kids were amazing though. Two of the four days I could get them out and playing once (14 and 12 hour days) because of rain and construction. I’m glad we start early and the first 6 or so hours are quiet ones!
Now we are in our new home. With basic furniture that my family has lent us. We have our own space again and the kids are loving that they have the freedom to run and play. Not to mention that they can see Nana and Papa anytime they want too! (Did I mention that our perfect house is only a 15 minute walk at toddler pace away?!)
I finally feel like things are starting to go our way. Now just to finish off this summer pregnancy and meet our new addition! (And finish furnishing our house… And register Alex for school!! What!?!)

Love, hugs and more to come later!

2 thoughts on “An update on our new lives

  1. Yay! So great that you are in your new house. And even better that you are close to their Nana and Papa. I’m so happy to hear that the road trip went well (I mean, 4 days with 3 very young children – hats off to you!) and that you were able to get some financial help.

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