It’s always the darkest before the dawn….. Right?

I know. I said I was going to take a break from blogging. But. If I don’t get this out my head is going to explode from trying to process all that is happening. Seriously. Nothing is working out in our favor lately and I’m being driven insane. Also, I can’t drink coffee. Apparently baby Emma has decided to give me one thing that is going to trigger morning sickness and she chose coffee.
So. What’s been going on here… I’m not even sure where to start! First off, my husband has been with the Canadian military for 6 years. As I mentioned previously he was permanently injured as a result of training he was doing in the military. He has been diagnosed with neuropathy. Which I can’t really explain beyond it has something to do with nerve damage, causes him chronic pain and he now walks with a cane because his leg constantly gives out on him. Which, as you can imagine, means he can’t carry the kids and do certain things around the house.
I wish I could praise the Canadian military at this point for supporting him and helping him re integrate into the civilian world. But I can’t. This hasn’t been our experience at all. Instead our story is full of being given wrong information, being misled, and essentially left to fend for ourselves.
We found out today that the military should be paying for our final move. Apparently its actually in Hubs’ contract. We tried to fight this, but after being consistently told by numerous people that we didn’t qualify for one reason or another we looked for outside funding to pay for the move. When all of this fell through, we began selling all our stuff and emptying the house. Now, 10 days before our move, we’ve been informed that our release case manager should’ve informed us of our options in challenging the decision. But, guess what, we don’t have a case manager. Hubs applied for one back in May. The request went to Ottawa. We are still waiting for case manager.
Back at the beginning of us deciding to sell everything and move out west, we were told that there was no wait for Hubs pay to switch from military pay to long term disability pay. It was a smooth transition because it was open and shut. Then a week or so ago we found out this wasn’t true at all. (We were given this info from the disability representative as well as other sources, so we trusted it) but we found out it’s actually a 4-6 week wait. So on Friday we were advised to go to the legion to request financial assistance. Which we did. Everyone was on holidays until today. But today we went in requesting help and I’m hoping and praying something good comes of this, because honestly guys, we’ve been hit with so many obstacles lately I’m not sure how much more I can take.
On top of all that, the man at the legion wants us to consider delaying our move until November. So he has more time to do more for us to have the military pay for our move. But, we’re 10 days before we turn over the keys to our house. I’ve gotten rid of 90% of our stuff. We don’t have much to move. And I’m 29 weeks pregnant. Driving across Canada, in November, with four kids under 4…. Not so appealing. Just so they’ll pay to move our stuff…. But…. Again, what stuff?!?
I don’t know what to do anymore. I cross my fingers my next post is a little more positive.
Love, hugs, and more to come later!

17 thoughts on “It’s always the darkest before the dawn….. Right?

  1. Oh man that is enough to do your head in. Why does beaurocracy have to be so difficult??? They put all these rules in place to supposedly make life easier and yet they continue to operate at cross purposes. It just doesn’t make any sense. Good luck. I hope it all works out. X

    • Thank you! I agree, its annoying that we took the time to do everything required of us just to find out they were slipping is through a loop hole and leaving us to hang. I’m hoping for answers soon on the last ditch efforts we made!

  2. I’m so sorry, Lynn! 😥 Sorry for what’s happening and sorry it’s taken me this long to read your post!! I’m praying that things will finally get straightened out. It’s so hard when YOU can’t do anything and those who can AREN’T. XO

  3. Oh dear. I’m so sorry to read this post.
    I wish I could offer more to help. 😦
    I will ask though, just out of curiosity, if your husband has ever considered a chiropractor for his neuropathy? I only ask because I work in a clinic and it is something we treat quite frequently. Might be worth a shot anyway? Especially since that is the reason he was discharged, if he is pensioned for the neuropathy, Veterans Affairs will likely cover his appointments if it is for the same thing he was pensioned for!

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