My amazing, patient children

My kids are one, two and three. They aren’t always patient, or cooperative. But these last couple days they have been amazing. Things have been slowly leaving our house, going home with their new owners. We’ve lived pretty minimalistic life, so there isn’t a lot of extra stuff to get rid of and they are noticing the things that are disappearing.
We’ve been doing our best to explain to them why we are getting rid of all our stuff. (Mostly the boys, Zoey is fairly oblivious.) But, the situation is so confusing to me that explaining it in a way a two and three year old are going to understand isn’t the easiest.
I have to give them credit. They are getting enough of it that they aren’t too upset about anything leaving the house. They seem to understand that something is happening, even if they don’t fully understand what.
They have been patient with me when I send them to T’s a couple days a week and I don’t stay with them. In fact, they get very excited to be there. They are more cooperative about quiet time in the afternoon. And have been more willing to help me when I ask them to pick up their toys.
I’m sure it won’t last, after all they are two and three years old. But I’m proud of them right now, and I’m taking advantage of how amazing they are being to get as much done as I can.
I love these kids, more then words can describe.
Love, hugs and more to come later

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