Giving Credit Where It’s Due

In one more month hubs and I are going to completely uproot the kids and move halfway across the country. He’s being released from the military, were selling all our stuff, loading up the van and going.
The original plan included movers, the military funding the move, and a lot more organization. But funding fell through and we’re out of options and time. So we’re doing what we think is the best and crossing out fingers it works.
But this post isn’t about that. This post is about giving credit to the person that hubs and I have relied the most to help us through this. The person to whom I wish I knew the words to say to express my love for her. The person I wish I wasn’t hurting with our move. The person I wish wouldn’t miss me the way I know I’ll miss her. The way I’ll miss her entire family. Her family has been more of a family to be then hubs family has been. When hubs and I have had appointments over the last little while (and there has been a lot of them) she had never hesitated to take my babies for a few hours. And her mom or mother in law are usually there to help her out. My kids ask me to visit her moms more often then they ask about their grandparents who are only an hour away.
I know this move is the best thing for my family and I, but I wish there was a way to pack her in the van with us and take her. To bad she’s so awesome and would be instantly missed.


This person knows who she is. I don’t need to name her. I’m going to miss her desperately. More then words can express. Her and her amazing family. Soon enough her little one won’t remember who I am, and this makes me sad. My babies will slowly forget her, this devastates me. I know for a few months they are going to ask to visit her, and each time I’ll fight tears.
I want this person to know three things: first; we love you. Straight and simple. Second; I am going to miss you desperately even though I won’t say it all the time, that would just sadden us both. And third; you are an amazing person. Inside and out. I am a better person for having known you.

Love hugs and more to come later

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