A History on Hubs – part two

For the first part of hubs story, go here.

In August of 2012 hubs went for the same surgery he’d had on his right ankle, on his left. His healing this time was quicker, although still not as fast as fast as we were led to expect.
Shortly after returning to work from his surgery hubs was informed he would be starting his courses in February 2013. The first one would run February to April, the second May to July and the third August to November. This meant he would finally be trained and able to move on with his career.
At the beginning of February, a few days before the kids and I were leaving to go to Winnipeg for the birth of Zoey, hubs found out he wouldn’t be going on course after all. Instead, they were going to start the procedures that would lead to a medical release. His pains were still more then they liked, and they hadn’t found a cause for then. His Dr decided hubs wasn’t ready for course. Obviously hubs was upset by this. The kids and I were leaving for a few months, and his career was at a stand still.
From February 2013 until February 2014 hubs did everything he could to hold onto his military career. He tried different drugs, some that really altered his personality. He tried managing his pains without drugs. He went to the gym to build his endurance. He tried to train himself to run. Unfortunately none of it helped. In February 2014 he had lost. The military was releasing him. They couldn’t fix him. He was told he would likely deal with the chronic pains for the rest of his life. No one can tell him what is actually wrong with his ankles. He’s currently scheduled for an MRI and an EMG. We’re hoping one day to find the cause and solution to his pains. Until then we’re hoping to cope with his pains and still have a healthy marriage and family life.
This journey is going to become a part of my blog. I know we aren’t the only couple coping with Chronic Pain. I hope someone out there feels a little less alone if they come across our journey.

Love, hugs and more to come later

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