A History on Hubs – part one

I’ve never really discussed hubs in my blog much. And I realize now that maybe I should have. So much of how I feel, or how things affect me are a result of his health issues that I haven’t been talking about.
I’ve mentioned before that he’s currently military, and he’s being released for medical reasons. And I think I’ve mentioned his ankle issues in passing. But the issues are pretty big and impact our lives on a daily basis.
Back in 2009 he sprained his right ankle, it healed but he went on to sprain it a few more times between the spring and fall of that year. The Dr and physiotherapist told him his ankles were ‘fixed’ but couldn’t explain why he was still getting pains in them.
Fast forward a little bit and in 2011 hubs was finally referred to an orthopedic surgeon. Who told us he found the cause of hubs pains, and he could fix them. So in February 2012, 6 weeks before Nick would make an appearance into the world hubs underwent surgery on his right ankle. The surgery was to tighten the tendons in his ankle, which would increase the stability and allow him to continue on with his career.
His recovery wasn’t quite as we were expecting. He was in a lot more pain then we were led to believe he would be in. (We recently found out that the reason his recovery was more painful and slower then expected was because a nerve was stitched into the incision, more on that later) As a result of the pain he was on a really strong drug that really messed with his head. I needed to wake up every few hours to give him his pain meds. I had to hide them from him for fear he would forget when he took them and over dose. At the same time Alex was cutting his molars and eye teeth. I had no husband, a teething toddler and really bad Braxton hicks. The whole experience was exhausting, no one was surprised that I fell into depression after Nick’s birth.
After going through physiotherapy and relearning how to walk, hubs was ready for surgery number 2.

To be continued…..

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