Unfavorable circumstances

What do you do when someone comes into your home and is disrespectful? How about when that same person ignores two of your three children? And what if after that person’s visit the one child not ignored has a totally misplaced sense of entitlement to everything in your home and a total disregard for your rules?
My instinct is to not allow that person into my home.
But we’re moving halfway across the country in 6 weeks. And she is their grandmother.
Hello rock. Meet hard place. I’ll just hang out here in the middle.

Love hugs and more to come later

7 thoughts on “Unfavorable circumstances

  1. I just KNEW you were talking about a family member… *sigh* I have been in a very similar situation, just minus the moving part. :/ I’d say let it be at this point.

    • It’s a terrible, frustrating situation to be in. I’m letting it be, just because we are moving soon and she won’t be around much (if at all) once we move since we only see her a few times a year as it is and we only live an hour away.

      • {{hugs}} I know how you feel. My mother lives – wait for it – 15 min away and we see her 4-5 times a year. And the kicker is that her parents (whom I do not associate with for very specific reasons – ugh) live less than a mile from us and she sees them bi-weekly to monthly. I know it will be a lot easier when we move. I won’t feel so frustrated.

        By the way, how you do manage/handle mother’s day? I am to the point that I was depressed nearly the whole day this year. I realized the next day that I had “forgotten” to call or text her…but if I *had* remembered, I wouldn’t have done either anyway. *sigh* What about you?

      • I guess for me it’s a little easier since its hubs mom we have the issue with, not mine. We haven’t acknowledged her for mothers day since I was pregnant with Alex. She was actually mad at us because we were having a boy, even though he’s the only grandchild she acknowledges now. This year for mothers day I included her in my post wishing my mom a happy Mothers day and there was no acknowledgment on her part do I’m not bothering anymore. She didn’t call hubs for his birthday and she isn’t calling today for father’s day either (she already informed us)
        I focus on my kids for mothers day, I don’t want anything to do with this woman any more. The things she says and does disgust me…. hopefully she never stumbles across my blog ha ha!
        Hugs to you! I can imagine how frustrated you are!

      • I wouldn’t be bothering either if I were you. I’m so sorry, she sounds very aggressive! My mother is passive aggressive and a major guilt-tripper, so things sometimes come back at me even though she is the one at fault. 😦

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