May ‘s health and fitness challenge – week two

This week has been a long, not quite as productive as I would’ve liked week.
I got the kids outside every day, except one + today because of the rain. But we spent the rain days running around the house, playing pirate ship, and having dance parties. So they have been kept sufficiently active!
I did better eating 3 meals and drinking all my water. In the last 7 days, I was successful 5. It’s progress.
Mentally, this week has been insane. We moved our moving date from Aug 15 to July 31. Cutting two weeks off the time we originally had when we planned our packing/moving process. But that’s okay. We’ll get through it. We are making good progress, slowly but surely.
I’ll find out by Friday I’d the house we applied to rent got approved, keep your fingers crossed for us because this is our dream set up right now! I hope we get it! It’ll be one less thing to stress about.

Love, hugs and more to come later

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