Halfway There and Baby Steps

As of tomorrow I am officially twenty weeks pregnant and ‘halfway’ through my last pregnancy. This is leaving me with a bittersweet type feeling.
Part of me aches knowing this is the last time I’ll feel these amazing movements, knowing how blessed and lucky Hubs and I have been to experience for pregnancies together.
Part of me cannot wait to hold our baby girl in my arms, to see who she looks like, to see how her brothers and sister respond to her. It’s magical.
Part of me is beyond scared to go through labor and delivery all over again. I have had three very different labors and I hate not knowing what to expect.

Another cause of my bittersweet feelings… Zoey is going to be 1 in a week. Seven days. Where is the time going? She took her first unassisted steps today. My sweet girl is growing so fast, trying so hard to keep up with her big brothers. Every time I blink it seems my babies grow up a little more. I wish I would stop blinking!

Love, hugs and more to come later!

11 thoughts on “Halfway There and Baby Steps

    • The twenty week milestone is my favorite. It’s usually the point I feel the best and baby is big enough to feel wriggling around but not so big is uncomfortable! It does scary me how fast they grow sometimes. I don’t want to miss any of it!

  1. Ahhh!!!
    I disappeared off of the blogosphere for far too long, and am trying to catch up on some of my favourite people.
    I’m just now seeing you are expecting again, and that I’m far far behind in wishing you congratulations!
    Your littles are very lucky to have a wonderful mama such as yourself! πŸ™‚

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