May’s Health and Fitness Challenge


Valerie over at Atlanta Mom of Three posted recently about a May challenge that she is hosting and I decided that I am going to join up and make May a little healthier! You can read about it here.

This post is going to be about my goals. The challenge started today, but since I am just laying out my goals today, I am going to start tomorrow. I am going to try and post once a week with a update on how my goals are going.

I decided that I am going to set myself 3 goals. I am going to break health into two. Mental and physical. And then I am going to have a fitness goal as well.

1 – Mental Health: Life here has been stressful and chaotic the last few days weeks months. Anyone who follows my blog has likely picked up on this. To help my mental health I need to set a reasonable plan into motion. I have been so stressed about the fact that in less then four months we are going to be moving, I keep making lists in my head about all the things I need to do and then panicking that I have no idea how in the world I am going to get it all done and then having no idea where to start. So the first part of this goal (that I want to have accomplished by my follow up post next week) is to make a list of all the things we need to do between now and our move and set a realistic timeline of when each thing is going to be accomplished. Next week I am going to share the things I want to have done by the end of this month so I can get the ball rolling and be held accountable! 

2 – Physical Health: Lately I noticed that I have been slacking on my water intake. I cut myself down to 1-2 coffees a day (most days) and I was told by my Dr that I should be drinking 8 glasses a day plus one for each cup of coffee I have. So that means I should be drinking 9-10 if not more. My goal is to track my water and coffee intake each day (I already cut out pop and I drink my juice so watered down that I am told it counts as water) and make sure that I am getting the amount of water I should be. Hopefully by the end of May this will be a habit and I will be able to stick to it beyond that.

3 – Fitness: My fitness goal is going to have more to do with the kids then it is my own fitness. I want to make sure the kids are getting the amount of physical activity they should be getting. So I am going to get them outside for at least 30 minutes a day. On days when it’s rainy (like the next week) I am going to either get them out anyways (if it’s warm enough) to play in puddles, or I am going to do something fun in the house with them that will get them running, jumping and having fun. Like a dance party. Those are a favorite in our house!

Those are my goals for the month of May. I don’t think they are going to be too difficult to stick to, and I think they are going to benefit me and my family greatly. Thank you to Valerie for coming up with such a great idea!

Love, hugs and more to come later!

One thought on “May’s Health and Fitness Challenge

  1. I LOVE that you are including mental health into this challenge, Lynn!! And I am so much like that – if I can get my To Do’s down on paper, and out of my head, I feel SO much better.

    Also, I like the kids’ fitness/physical activity goal. 🙂 Thanks for joining in!!!

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