What I wish someone had told us….

First off, I want you to know this is about Hubs vasectomy yesterday. Things I wish SOMEONE would have said. Things I think should have at least been included in the post op papers he brought home. Things that would have saved me from calling 911. Nothing too graphic, but maybe more information that some people might want.

So, as we know, Hubs went for his vasectomy yesterday afternoon. As far as I know, it was mostly uneventful. Some freezing, some snipping, some stitching and he was ready to come home. He got home at about 3:40 pm. This is where things start getting interesting.

Before he got home, I was the good wife. I made him juice, made up the couch for him, made sure the ice packs were frozen and started supper. When he got home I went through his post op bag, got him his pain killers and helped him get comfy. Well, wouldn’t you know it, he needed to pee.

On his way to the washroom he asked me if I could run upstairs and grab him some pj pants, no problem. He goes into the washroom and I go upstairs. As I am coming down the stairs (I might have been at the bottom of the stairs, I don’t remember) I hear three loud bangs coming from the direction of the bathroom. As you can imagine, I panicked. I ran to the bathroom and opened the door to my husband passed out on the bathroom floor shaking. Before my brain could process what I was seeing he came too and asked me where he was… Um What?… If I thought I was panicked before this kicked it up a couple notches. After talking to him for a couple seconds, he knew where he was, although he wasn’t sure what had happened.

Our bathroom is really tiny. From the way he was lying on the floor, I assumed he likely hit his head on the sink on his way down (although he was lucky and his head landed on the new bag of toilet paper I hadn’t put away yet) While talking to him trying to determine if he needed an ambulance or not, he started complaining about his back hurting and his arms being tingly. Well that sealed it for me. I went and took my phone from Alex who was playing games on it and called 911.

At some point through all this I put Zoey in her highchair to get her out of the way and Alex at the table to play a game… I’m not sure when I did this, but Mommy instincts were there and I didn’t want them getting in the way. Nick was still napping at this point. I had been planning on waking him up after I got Hubs settled.

So about 5 minutes after I call 911 (it seemed faster, and slower at the same time, but my call log says it was about 5 minutes) 6 huge guys come barreling into my house to see Hubs. The kids were pretty indifferent to the whole thing, although Alex thought it was neat there was a firetruck and ambulance right outside the house!

Thankfully, Hubs was fine. They didn’t make him go into the hospital. Just talked to him for awhile, helped him up and onto the couch and gave us some information that I think should have been included somewhere by his Dr.

So what happened? It turns out, that after a vasectomy, it’s going to hurt a bit when you pee. Something with the tubes, and how it all works. You are supposed to sit while you are peeing. Not stand. Well, Hubs wasn’t told this. He didn’t think anything of it. When he had to go he went the way he normally would. When he started, it hurt so he tried to stop it. Which put more pressure on everything. Which caused him to get dizzy and faint.

For all the people I talked to about a vasectomy, NO ONE mentioned this. Not one single person. After it happened, I talked to a couple people… thinking this is weird, how come this happened to him and no one else? Turns out, a few of the same people I had talked to before, their husbands had complained about being light headed and dizzy when peeing for the first couple days afterwards and had made the decision on their own to sit when using the washroom.


I am glad that Hubs is okay. Everything is fine. And my anxiety and stress levels have gone down. I don’t know if this information is going to help anyone but I feel like it needs to be out there.

*** Update: I called the Urologist who did the procedure on hubs, and I was told that this is a common complaint and they are in the process of updating the post op papers that are sent home with patients. I’m not even sure what to make of that right now. ***

Love, hugs and more to come later!

15 thoughts on “What I wish someone had told us….

  1. Wow, that is quite hectic & understanding that it raised alarms in you. There are so many things that Dr. don’t tell you about situations you can prevent. They are the expects, after all!
    I’m glad to hear that everything turned out okay!

  2. I’m going to have to talk to my hubby and sees if he remembers…. as far as I’m aware of he didn’t experience anything like that… or he was told about that situation and so he didn’t feel it worth mentioning… I’m glad hubby is ok… that sounded really scary!

    • I’m glad he is to. Even if it were a rare problem, I think it should be mentioned when going over the risks. They seem to warn you about everything else! After sharing this, a few wives have said their husbands were dizzy afterwards.

  3. Wow, that sounds really frightening – I’m glad that you are ALL ok, and you’re right – perhaps people are too embarassed to talk about things like this – people should talk and share their experiences!

  4. Oh, I’m so glad he’s okay!! How scary! 😦
    Thank you so much for sharing so others don’t have to experience the same. ❤

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