Conversations at Night

Alex and Nick have a habit of coming to my bed when they wake up through the night and in the morning. I don’t mind, in fact I love it. I don’t need to get out of bed. They just come in and snuggle with Hubs and I. We’ve had some pretty hilarious conversations with the boys in the middle of the night. Like this one on Wednesday night. The power had gone out at about 11 and by about 130 both the boys were in our bed.
A: Mom… it’s dark.
M: yea. The power went out again.
A: Oh. So they are all broken?
M: Sort of. The snow and wind probably knocked a power line down. Someone will fix it.
A: Then we’ll have lights again
M: Yea.
A: I like the snow
M: Me too buddy. A: It’s cold.
M: I know. When the power goes out the heat stops working
A: Can we turn it back on?
M: No. Not until someone comes and fixes it.
A: Can Daddy fix it?
M: No. It has to be a special person.
A: Daddy is special
M: Well, yes but…
A: Nick can fix it!
M: No… It needs to be someone from the power c
A: Like Handy Manny?
M: Maybe. Let’s go to sleep now.
A: I can’t.
M: Why not?
A: It’s too dark. And scary
N: oooooo (ghost noises)
A: Nick, is that you?
N: No
A: See Mom. Scary.

Love, hugs and more to come later!

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