Watching the fog lift…slowly

I haven’t posted much lately…not because I have nothing to say, but because I either can’t say it, or I don’t want to.
I posted a couple weeks ago about feeling like I was in a fog, I’ve felt better recently, in some ways. And worse in others.
Hubs and I have been hit with a lot of bad news recently and we are trying desperately to rely on one another and not turn on each other in our stress. From finances, to his job, to the heartburn and weight loss with this pregnancy, to difficulty with the kids…. It’s been one thing after another.
Hubs and I rarely argue and the last couple weeks have been tough, trying not to argue and bicker, especially in front of the kids.
Which brings us to today’s plans. Which I am hoping will help us reconnect as a family and help lift the fog that is hanging around. Hubs and I decided that we are going to take the kids for an hour long drive to take them out for lunch and to the New Brunswick museum for the afternoon.
I think it’s definitely needed right now. And I am hoping we all have a good time. Hubs is off for the next week on March break and I think this is going to be the perfect way to kick the week off!
Love, hugs and more (positive things) later!

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